Please ignore this! I’m just posting this to ensure the download is still available whilst I do my minor revamp.

CFE Gizmo Norns

This genome comes in two versions. First, is the CFE Gizmo version. This version includes all of the CFE edits and Gizmo instinct and biochemical edits. This version, however, does not include the changes to the reproductive system and lifespan that come with the Gizmo version.

The CFE Gizmo Full version does, however, come with the reproductive and lifespan edits in the Gizmo version and should only live about 5 hours.

Both versions include a gene that I add that causes Inhibin to reduce Testosterone. This is what the chemical was intended for but was never used.

CFE Gizmo Full
Bengal Bruin Civet

CFE Gizmo
Bengal Bruin Civet

Untitled-1CFE Gizmo Norns – Updated

Vampess’s Creatures Full of Edits update meets Darcy’s Gizmo update!

I am in no way responsible for the development of either of these sets of updates – all I’ve done was combine them together.

Unlike my previous release, this one comes in only one flavor – CFE with all of the Gizmo changes. Mutations can still occur to the life genes in this version but the chances are greatly reduced.


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4 Thoughts on “CFE Gizmo Repost

  1. Will you make CFG edits for the other breeds, grendels and ettins too?

    • The answer is “Maybe”. Unfortunately, the thing that kept me from trying to edit the other breeds was a lack of understanding the way that their genomes differed from the other breeds. The breeds I do have available were all identical to each other to begin with except for their appearance genes. These days, I just don’t have time anymore. :C

      However, anyone is welcome to use these genomes as a base for their own projects.

  2. KittyTikara on July 5, 2015 at 8:26 PM said:

    The second batch of Gizmos seems to be a bit… broken. They don’t really act right in my game, and just walk around randomly. They don’t even seem interested in food and just starve to death.

    • kezune on July 13, 2015 at 11:30 AM said:

      That’s unfortunate. Sadly, I’m just not into Creatures anymore. That drama from before put an ugly stain on my feelings towards the games, too and I just don’t have the motivation to work on addons anymore. 🙁

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