Because I Miss Writing About Games…

Hey guys, it’s Kez.

As you likely know, lately I prefer to use videos when I comment or report on my video gaming experiences, but my heart’s been aching to talk about artificial life and artificial intelligence simulation games – the Creatures games in particular. The sim games I like to play tend to be so complex or so slow paced that videos don’t really seem to fit in, so I’ll be reverting to (my preferred format for this kind of content) writing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I used to run a blog called Designer Genes for the Creatures community but had a falling out and left after what I thought were some moderation issues in Creatures Caves that I thought were unfair to the community as a whole. With Creaturetopia closed to new accounts, CCaves bascially became the only Creatures-related community I could become a part of.  I’ve been hesitant to return since.

I made some friends though, like KittyTikara who sometimes writes for her blog, Mobula Ray, and has her own Twitch Channel; Jessica who is the creator of Discover Albia, which also has its own YouTube channel; Nutter who doesn’t manage any blogs or sites that I know of that are related to Creatures in any way, but is still fun to chat with on Twitter; and finally there’s my good friend who has her own YouTube Channel under the name PiranhaCupcake (go check out her Fran Bow series). There are a few others that I really admired like Malkin who was especially helpful when I was new, Amaikokonut, Grendel Man, evolnemesis, and Papriko, but I don’t think I ever made a strong, personal connection with each of them despite being on friendly terms when I left.

But, anyway…

The written content will be coming soon. It’s just something that I’ve missed doing since I started to phase Creatures out of my life and I feel like I’m finally ready to start playing the games again. I can’t promise regular updates as I’m still learning how to play the game again, but I do want to play, and perhaps more importantly, I’d like to be able to talk about more games in this style. Oh, and if you’re coming from CCaves or Designer Genes or from another blog, to this post, definitely don’t expect my old PG/PG-13 rule. I’ll definitely be tapping into the language and jokes that I’ve become accustomed to using on the usual show… As you’ve probably noticed in my previous posts.  It’s just part of who I am and I don’t feel it’s necessary to censor my language in this space.

Anyway, thanks a bundle for taking the time to read all this! This is only the beginning of an exciting chapter of my life and I’m glad to have you all with me. Let’s play some games together!


9/22/2015 : Toned down post a little to prevent some problems.

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