C3/DS – Boy, isn’t that just like me?

Isn’t it just like me to announce that I’m going to do something and then just kinda… accidentally fuck off for a while? Sorry about that everyone! I guess I’m still getting used to blogging again.

At any rate, I’m here now and I’m finally putting together my first Creatures blog post in what feels like ages. I hope you like it. Oh, and remember that this is still a sometimes thing. Don’t expect a regular blogging schedule.


bandicam 2015-09-25 13-59-00-643It seems like I couldn’t have picked a better time to start blogging about Creatures again. As I collected my agents, breeds and bug fixes for the games, I noticed that evolnemesis had finished the first pack of CFF norns! I’ll be playing around with version 1.1 because the edits there appeal to me, but they come from the same basic genome.

bandicam 2015-09-25 14-36-05-009When it came to picking which of the 6 updated breeds I would start with, I couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, I decided to use them all, two at a time, starting alphabetically. I opted to start with a male so when the egg finally hatched, I got a Male Astro norn, who I named Gabe.

Too lazy to teach him vocabulary myself, I  took him down to the Holistic Learning Machine and waited. It didn’t take him long to press the machine and then start complaining about how hungry for protein he was. I taught him to push toys and to rest when he got tired. Teaching him things was fun, but I wanted to hatch a second creature since having just one can get boring before you realize it.

bandicam 2015-09-25 14-43-21-621Next to hatch was Donna, a Female Chichi norn. You can tell from the photo that I remembered to turn on Creatures Nametags this time.

I taught Donna the same things that I taught Gabe and waited to see what they would do. They talked about their needs and offered (misguided) advice on what to do. For example, when Gabe said he was hungry for protein, Donna suggested he travel left from food. I think she hadn’t learned what she was supposed to do yet and was just trying to help, but I hope she’ll learn soon. I’m counting on these two to be guardians for future generations.

Next time, we’ll talk about plans for these two. See you soon!

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