C3/DS – I don’t even know anymore

During this move, I’ve been struggling to find time and ideas for Creatures blog entries. I want to sit down and explore the differences between Vanilla, CFE and CFF creatures, I want to sit down and play the older games and I want to eventually get back to making content for the games, but I just don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

I guess not playing a game for most of the year can have that kind of effect.

So I’ve finally just accepted that I’ve basically forgotten a lot of the information that I knew about creatuers and it would probably be in my better interest to just… play.

Kitty Tikara sent me a group of Grendels a little over a month ago and I haven’t had the time to play with them til now. I figure now’s as good a time as any. I have no goal with these grendels except to play with them.

bandicam 2015-11-16 18-05-31-577First up is PurringCat. She’s a 1 hour old female from a genetic project. Since she was furious (as most Banshees are out the gate) I fed her some calm balm and she quickly fell asleep.

bandicam 2015-11-16 18-08-34-292Next I imported FluffyKittens, a 1 hour old male. I wanted to keep these two together in the interest of producing future generations.

Because the two of them were always so angry (as is natural in their breed) I decided to add the Norn Mother. The agent would provide a constant source of norns for the Grendels to beat up on.

bandicam 2015-11-16 18-15-37-738Bypass Import Cloning stopped working (… uuh) so I had to give these babies their names again but since they were both newborns, I decided to introduce them to the world at the same time.

Finally, the group included a newborn Gen2 grendel who I opted to introduce in the future instead.

It wasn’t long til the first Norn made it into the world. It had a pretty easy introduction to the world, too. The male siamese had met Cuddles and the two left each other alone. FluffyKittens even walked right up to the little guy without putting a finger on him.

Well. Things were peaceful at first. It didn’t take long for FluffyKittens to decide he couldn’t handle the anger anymore and he started slapping… Cuddles!? The fiend! It was eventually PillowSoft who attacked the poor thing first and it was PillowSoft who took it down for good.

bandicam 2015-11-16 18-26-15-223It wasn’t long after that the older Grendels had an egg together. I decided to introduce the Gen 2 from Kitty Tikara’s group at the same time as this one hatched and I got PuffyClouds and LovelyDown. I decided to commit to the “soft and cozy and nice” naming-scheme, just for kicks. 😛

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