Oh yeah… I have one of these.

One of these blog things.

Sorry about the unexpected, unannounced absence everyone! I got swept away by my new job, some new social obligations (… OK, so it’s D&D and gaming with my friends) and of course, I don’t have time to do all the things I want to do. Believe me, it’s not a time management problem, it’s an “I want to do ALL THE THINGS” problem. Unfortunately, Creatures blogging had to get bumped down to the bottom of the list. Shoot, I’ve been gone so long I missed the Blog Carnival and the CCSF!

While I’m here though, I thought I’d give you all a quick update on both my real world life and a brief look at my Creatures 1 world. I’m still planning on recording more Grendel Friendel, but I need to sit down and watch those videos so that I can figure out just what the Shee I was doing!

OK! So since the last time you heard from me, I got a part-time job. This is my first job in several years, so of course I’m thrilled to have it. No more posting listings on Etsy, hoping to make some change. No more praying my YouTube career will take off and help pay the bills (I’ve actually removed monetization on all my videos but my stop-motion stuff since I got my job!). No more making a pittance on filling out surveys. And of course, no more handing blank resumes to potential employers! I have something to put on my resume now! The best part is that I actually (usually) enjoy my job; minimum-wage, part time, time-sink that it is. 😛 Honestly, the only terrible part is the 40 minute commute each way.

My husband meanwhile has taken on more responsibility at work, including working some weekends, so we’ve been spending all the time that we can together doing couple stuff. Going out to eat, watching TV, having dinner together, running errands… We don’t see each other for more than 1 or 2 waking hours a day anymore, so we’re really taking whatever we can get. It’s put some strain on us, but we’re making do with what little we do have. As you can imagine, this cuts severely into my hobby time on the weekends he gets to spend at home. 😛

Priorities, people.

Anyway! That’s enough about real life stuff, you’re probably here for the Creatures.

When we left off, everyone was having a quiet, pleasant evening. Dizzy, Hope and Zeal are all in good heath and our friend Fig has made his way to the instrument room with a honey pot.

I spent some time with baby Dizzy and realized that I haven’t yet found a way to teach them how to express their feelings! I dropped Volume 4 of the Encyclopedia Nornica in and decided to omit the others since I could still teach them nouns and verbs on my own. After correcting “ugly” to “Grendel” I set off showing everyone the book, including Fig.

It wasn’t long til Dizzy had aged up. She was catching up to Zeal and Hope! I taught her about toys and herbs and she was finally starting to explore Albia on her own. It didn’t take her long to decide to return the house, but I was happy for every baby step she decided to take. So far, it seems like Fig is the most adventurous of all the creatures here!

As if to prove me wrong, Hope made her way into the swamp. I watched her closely to make sure she wasn’t heading that way just to eat the Death Cap but, of course, she went home straight away. Maybe next time we’d have more adventures!

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