I know, I know. It’s been a while. Again.

bandicam 2013-05-30 22-58-16-456Be that as it may, Valerie has finally gotten her first real rest in a long time. After her nap, it was time to start pleading with her to eat something. As always, it was a serious problem. Her health was down to 68% and no matter what, I couldn’t seem to get her to eat.

Tanner, thankfully, gave me no such stress. He wouldn’t eat, either, but his health sat at a comfortable 76%.

Eventually, I got Valerie to eat and she set off, exploring Albia once again.

bandicam 2013-05-30 23-06-50-840That is, until she got sick.

It figures that as soon as I got her healthy again, she would get sick. Despite her happy smile, I was worried that Antigen 0 would harm her uterus, keeping me away from the eggs I desired so badly.

I got her to eat one carrot but she kept spinning and spinning. I felt helpless trying to make this sick norn healthy again. I did eventually get her to take a bite of a lemon and her health jumped a respectable 8%. It kept rising for a little while as she spun, all the way up to a nice, safe, 76%. Eventually, she would get better but it was still a waiting game.

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I finally got fed up with the tiny screen I was using and just… wow.

bandicam 2013-05-26 09-55-35-293

I can see everything.

My C3/DS world window still needs to stay pretty small, though. Turns out the game lags harder than usual on this little laptop when I try to make the game bigger than its default size. Oh well.

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Things actually worked out this time. As it turns out, my world had a macro glitch that caused the game to crash. I’m lazy and didn’t take the time to read the error it threw (too busy saving a backup of each of my creatures and their babies) but I figured I should start a new world anyway, just to be safe.

Why was this a blessing in disguise? Well, at the time of the game crashing, Tanner got sick with a bacteria that dropped his health down to a worrying 32%. I only know this because the Observation kit didn’t auto-kill when the game crashed.

Days later, I was finally able to create a new world.

This snoring Grendel was able to help me create the new world. Without him, I couldn’t open the injector kit before the Norns came in. Before you ask, yes! This is the grendel that I recovered from the crashed world.I managed to save all of the creatures before the game crashed.

Once Tanner and Valerie were recovered, they set to work on their third egg. I won’t spoil the surprise on the previous two but I am sad to say that I know what they are now. I had to hatch them to save them. Suffice it to say that this egg is more important to me now than ever.

The pair kisspopped a few times amidst struggles to get them to eat and sleep. Valerie still slept restlessly. I’m a little worried because she didn’t start doing this til after her first pregnancy. I thought she would stop when she wasn’t carrying but it seems I was wrong.

Tanner slept without issue in the Garden after still more kisspopping. Now that I had these two together, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to get them apart.

They kept trying for a third egg but had no such luck. Instead, I watched a miserable Valerie continually fail to get any rest when she slept. At five hours old each, I figured Valerie had time to get some rest before she passed away and Tanner had plenty of time to father more eggs.

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I’m sorry I’ve been away all weekend but as I stated in my last post, my husband just got home and we needed to spend time together. :3

Speaking of spending time together (sweet transition, right?) Val and Tanner are separated and I want more eggs. 2 seems like plenty for what I’m trying to do, but at the same time, I’d like to make sure I get two healthy babies out of this. As it is, I can’t even guarantee their sexes.

Valerie made her way into the kitchen and Tanner was back by the island, spending time with our grendel friend.

Valerie still had trouble sleeping and tossed and turned in the Garden. Tanner on the other hand seemed to be isolating himself in the west cave of the island. I struggled with him, trying to get him to eat for a while but the grendel kept stealing his food to eat himself. Somewhere along the line (probably while I was using Encylopedia Nornica) the grendel learned handish and he obeyed the orders to eat food instead.

I woke Valerie up from her restless sleep and she soon passed out again. She managed to get some rest this time and soon she was up and eating strained carrots again. What a cheerful girl! Now if I could just get her to meet Tanner again.

I managed to get Valerie to the Swamp and… the game crashed.

Oh dear.

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