With the 3 month long Random Event Nurture Follow Up Run (This thing’s name just keeps on changing) finally, finally, finally over, I can move on to new and interesting projects. I asked for input at Creatures Caves, and I got some interesting feedback. Perhaps the most appealing idea to me though was revisiting the Matriarch Mermaids concept.

The more I thought about it, the more complicated the world concept got so rather than sit around and speculate while I knitted, I decided to put my thoughts to paper (metaphorically) and finally get this bad boy outlined. It might even change before I finally get the run started.

Besides, the better organized I can get this thing, the easier it will be for me to follow when I finally get around to starting it and running it. Because I lack the patience and time, I won’t be closely investigating the (male) mermaid’s genetics unless something unusual crops up. All the new queens will have their genetics investigated, however.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Let’s get some details down.

Matriarch Society
– At all times, there will only be one female in the world. All of her daughters will be exported and tested before being reintroduced.

– Daughters will have to pass the classic IQ test (no added hazards) and have their genetics looked over. Of the girls that pass, the queen will be the first to breed. In the event of a tie, the girl with the first (leftmost) pregnancy notification will be queen. Once she has become pregnant, all other girls will be exported for a separate run, splicing or testing; deleted; or saved for future upload.

– The male population will not be closely monitored at all and generations might get mixed up. All of the queen’s “surviving” male offspring will be allowed to stay in the world and will only be removed if problems crop up. Problems include sliding and other gait issues, failing to pass the IQ test, fast agers, immortals, etc. Fast agers and immortals should be impossible with the genome I plan to use.

– To prevent breeding outside of the aquatic area, males and females will be kept separate until adult hood.

Amphibious Species
There is an added challenge related to egg laying. Only eggs that are laid on land in the “brooding areas” will be considered viable, “surviving” eggs. In Artemia Seas, the two areas on the sides of the map are considered the brooding areas. Eggs that were laid underwater will be considered “drowned” outside this space will be considered un-incubated due to cold and will be deleted with the Mini-Recycler. Artemia Seas is too large to accommodate this. Instead, I’ve set the egg limit to 30+ the max population to allow for many eggs.

– Mermaids will not be allowed to enter the aquatic area of the world until they have reached breeding age. In the genome I will use, this is when they’ve grown their tail. Once they’ve reached adulthood, they will not be allowed back “on land”.

Colorful Creatures
– I plan to use CFF, Colortrue Pearlmaids. This in mind, I will start the world with a rainbow of colors. Each time a new queen is introduced, a new, Generation 1 male will be added. His color will be chosen based on the world’s dominant colors.

– I will make the appearance, pigment and blending genes highly mutatable as well.

Fierce Competition (?)
– I had an idea to introduce a “predatory” species, namely Artemia Grendels. I would love to see these as colortrue and do a run similar to this with the Grendels but here, in this setting, I think I’d like to keep their role subdued.

– Ideally, the grendels here would take on Grendel Man’s Flesheater Grendel concept and be a survival pressure on the Pearlmaids rather than a natural disaster.

Eventful World
– I enjoyed playing with the Random Event concept so much during last year’s CCSF that I think it could make a fun addition to this world.

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As you might know, I’ve gotten a decent computer in my possession again. That said, I’m giving Pearlmaids a much, MUCH bigger space to live in. That said, I had to come up with new ways to encourage females to lay eggs outside of water. Naturally, that called for Coral Emitters. After polluting the world with wildlife, portals, doors, toys and more, it was time to select the creatures for this new world. Oh. Yes. I decided to start with a fresh population of Colortrue norns. :3

bandicam 2013-09-16 21-45-45-039

Now, instead of starting with three like I did the last time, I’ll be starting with 14(!). Yes. Fourteen. I’ll be adding one male and one female of each of the available colors. Let’s meet them!

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-00-02-341Here they are! Thanks to Amaikokonut’s New Shortcuts, it was a breeze to get them all to pose this way. I taught them language with the Vocabulizer and Soon, they were off!

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-00-57-079I could already tell that this would be an interesting world. Cerulean (blue female) was the first out of the Meso and took a brief nap in the hallway. Soon, Vincent (green male) followed her, then Raul(yellow male)! Actually, they all seemed interested in exploring but no one really committed to their new location. Soon, I felt a headache coming on from the sound of them using the Torii.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-20-23-799

After what felt like an hour of door pushing, the babies had become adolescents (only 24 mintues old) and they were starting to change. That said, I needed a break from “Breeen-bree-bree-bree-breeeeeen~”.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-32-328In the desert things were getting out of hand. There wasn’t much I could do but eliminate ALL of the butterflies but I’d rather have an excess of them than none at all.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-36-819 The roses on the beach were in full bloom. Thankfully.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-38-820The right side of the Aquarium was full of life (and food) for once. It was nice to have a reef. But speaking of reefs.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-42-539The left side had much of the same wild life! But the reef doesn’t stop here.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-20-02-501And in the Devil’s Reef we find- wait. Are those… Aubergines? šŸ˜›

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-30-06-221When I returned, I was still pretty sick of the sound of the Torii being activated so to drive the norns out, I filled the Meso with bees.

It started to seem like mission accomplished though I had a new job on my hands for the future. That’s unrelated, though. Now that all the babies were about a half hour old, I had to keep an eye out for eggs. I’m borrowing Jessica of Discover Albia’s idea and making the first female to mate the alpha for the next generation.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-48-07-547

Given a White Tiara

Goldie was the first to lay an egg, closely followed by Violette. As I removed the Torii and their respective CA links and replaced them with elevines. (They want to travel to new waters? They can walk.)

More pregnancies followed and it looked like soon I would have my hands full with eggs. Those would have to wait til after this generation passed away so I at least had a lot of time to mull over what to do with them. Yes, they were all laid on land. Instead of removing all of the females but Goldie, however, I decided to leave the eggs and sort them later. Goldie’s daughters and all the boys would continue their legacy in my game and the others would be distributed to anyone who wanted them. Why aren’t I just chucking out extra eggs? Last time, I didn’t have such good luck as far as their genes go.

I haven’t worked out every detail yet, but we’ll see. I’m kind of winging it as I go this time. Well. We’ll figure out some more next time.

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I thought it would be fun to break form for a little while and put each of the Pearlmaids through the classic IQ test. I locked and unlocked the doors accordingly and set them all in the bottom of the Docking Station Workshop.

bandicam 2013-07-18 06-51-12-389Peter was the first in the hallway but Bibian blew past him and made it into the Meso first. Peter soon followed, then Bonrou, both of whom had become adults in the hallway. Trevor was next but got preoccupied looking at a door and Finny, now an adult, was at the bottom of the Workshop, pushing the norn puppet. I asked Finny ‘what’ and he seemed to snap out of his trance and headĀ  for the elevator. While I waited for Finny and Trevor to catch up, I moved the other 3 adults into Aquanornia.

bandicam 2013-07-18 07-02-01-355

It wasn’t long before Bonrou fathered three of Bibian’s children and, though she barely made it, she managed to lay all three eggs on land.

I had less good news for Finny and Trevor, though. Finny couldn’t seem to stop ‘approach elevator’ and Trevor seemed obsessed with the door. Finally, after Finny made it into the hall, Trevor did what started to seem impossible and made it through the door. With the death music getting ready to play, I started to fear the worst. Now all there was left was Finny.

He seemed to follow Trevor but passed anyway. Now, it was a matter of keeping everyone alive in this migration world.

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It wasn’t long after I re-imported all of our 20 minute old babies til they were all yappy, excited Adolescents. Finny had a temporary lapse into EES but a few slaps on the butt soon had him sorted out. Pepter complained of loneliness and spentĀ  his time riding the elevator up and down. It was a little frustrating to watch.

bandicam 2013-07-11 23-13-36-224

On the bottom level, Bibian, Trevor and Bonrou all complained of sleepiness. I recommended they all rest and soon all but Trevor were sleeping. It was quite the sight. Also, Bibian seems to have boy feet! I’m sure I just need to download an update or something, though.

bandicam 2013-07-11 23-36-25-064

I let the little ones grow up and then, at 42 minutes old, Peter and Bibian became pregnant. It was at this point that I realized I’d forgotten to change the multiple birth chance settings. I moved Bibian to the top water level of Aquanornia to give her a fair chance and waited for her to lay her single egg. She successfully laid it on land so it was put away and I sent her back to the Terrarium until her tail grew in. They could all walk and breathe underwater but I felt I still had to follow the rules. They would have limitless, abundant food until they reached full adulthood.

Soon, Bibian was pregnant again and layed her egg on land. This one was saved as well and I could already tell I had a long round ahead of me.

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