It’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with realty BUT I still have Creatures to look forward to at the end of the day. That said, Haven asked me to take a look at her breed to make sure it works and to share my findings. I’ve already asked her if I could post them to my blog so here goes!

I’m using the latest version that was sent to me (Titled New) and I get an error when I click on the Mime Norns in Advanced Muco.

bandicam 2013-08-23 23-18-48-932

I clicked Continue and got myself a male and female egg. Out popped these two. Immediately, I took them to the Holistic Learning Machine to teach them words and so far, they don’t seem very different from other norns. They express when they need things, eat and play when they feel the need to and even seem to rest on their own. So far, the only real difference is that they look scared or surprised when they’re happy.

bandicam 2013-08-24 22-34-59-898

Once they seemed tended to, I put the two together in the bottom level of the Meso. They seemed easily crowded and unless they were approaching the same thing, they seemed to want to avoid each other. Then, I asked them to express and they were off chattering, like all norns would be. With a Haunter toy and lots of food they were very easy to care for.

Other than the issue with the missing Glyph file, the file seems to work.

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bandicam 2013-08-06 22-39-14-512Tanner and Valerie looked so tired in their old age and their white hair was definitely showing. Even Valerie’s eye lashes were silver now!

Valerie stuck to the island and Tanner to the temple but this was typical of them. Grentilda still kept them company. Time seemed to be running out for them and, though they were in good health, they slowed down and didn’t seem so interested in exploration anymore. Tanner stayed in the temple, likely reflecting on his younger days and Valerie enjoyed a vacation touring the island’s caves.

With these two on their own, enjoying old age, it was time to introduce the offspring I opted to keep.

bandicam 2013-08-06 23-30-01-460

Meet Neo. He has his Mother’s face and arms and his Father’s everything else. I chose to give him this name due to his strange self-given name. eoeo sounded enough like Neo.

You probably don’t remember, but this little boy has the ‘languish when sleepy’ gene. He’s had a chance to sleep already and was showered with praise so I can only hope that this has helped prevent him from feeling miserable when he gets bags under the eyes.

So far, he’s a good eater but he spends most of his time laying down, probably due to his mutation. He also can’t seem to hold his attention on any one thing, which is very disheartening. He’s still learned the names of some things and it took him a long time to learn verbs but he’s still doing well so far, taking his mutations into consideration.

bandicam 2013-08-06 23-47-30-465I opted to teach this little girl all of her verbs before giving her a name and then, just as we covered the last verb, Grentilda and Neo appeared through the teleporter. It took a little while to separate the group but I did it and the little lady polished off a honey pot all by herself. Apparently, Grentilda taught her my name (mommy) and she quickly learned the name for toys and food. So far, so good.

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