bandicam 2015-01-10 21-50-52-021 copyTo start off, it was time to introduce our next Norn. This time, Logic would be our new baby. He’s remembered (at least by me) for “Logic love door”. He never said it himself, but the joke’s still funny to me.

By now, we had 46 eggs and more were on the way. Thankfully, a lot of the norns were at rest when I made my rounds this time. They still tended to stay in groups around the Norn Meso, but this lack of adventurousness meant that the Norns were at least safe.

bandicam 2015-01-10 21-54-13-707 copyNapping so often also meant that they were more interested in resting in groups than in venturing out to the volcano, for example. Others simply wandered from group to group – if there was a Norn around that no one particularly liked, they’d simply leave. This was much more civil than slapping but I figured it was in younger norns’ better interest to just leave rather than try to out-slap a bigger, stronger norn.

I have to say, observing group behavior might have been just as fascinating as getting to know each norn and I was glad I had the opportunity to play around with such a large, diverse group.

Beside avoiding certain norns, I was starting to notice that certain norns also had favorite areas of the world. Because more norns favored the Meso over the Norn Terrarium, I speculated that many were willing to put up with norns they didn’t like in favor of abundant food while others found the solitary environment in the Norn Terrarium more desirable. Synergy is one example that jumps out at me.

As for individual behaviors, I started to think that some norns preferred to rest in one spot rather than explore because I fed each norn when I made my rounds. Granted, I did this by simply showering them with food, but it was still interesting to see norns not moving for a while despite a lack of food.

bandicam 2015-01-10 22-08-58-149 copyBefore I could spend any more time considering all this, I had to add another baby. With the addition of BLAH here, there were 10 babies left in queue. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve tried to stick to a 2 baby per entry limit here, so that means at least 5 more entries of introducing babies. Oh boy.

At least things were progressing on the pregnancy and baby front and soon, I’d have lots more to talk about than introducing new faces.

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I couldn’t have been more happy to see that the Norns couldn’t get back into the volcano. Of course, none of the Norns looked happy, especially Clarise who’d just become pregnant again! It turns out I had to teach everyone to eat roots, which the carrots were classified as. Once that was settled, the Norns all seemed a lot happier, if still a bit tired.

bandicam 2015-01-08 23-57-01-164 copyAfter Clarise laid her egg something very unusual happened. She got slapped through the floor!

Mind, this wasn’t a terrible experience for her, but watching her fall through the floor was more than a little surprising for me! I rescued her with PickMeUp and set her among her friends again.

I did my rounds and everyone seemed to be in good health. A few of the norns started using “foo” in place of another word, so I used the Instant Vocabulary Infuser to touch up their vocabularies. Maybe the new Ettin was teaching them words?

In any case, I was starting to think they all had OHSS. No body was eating, nobody was resting – they all just sort of stopped taking care of themselves. Then again, this wasn’t really any different from Creatures 1.

bandicam 2015-01-09 00-16-10-199 copyClarise became pregnant again and continued to refuse to eat. She seemed very happy, though!

Considering the way these two looked at each other and the way they seemed to only breed with each other, it seemed like they would be a pretty monogamous couple! At least, as far as Creatures go.

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The game rolled-back and, as it turns out, Opal was going to die anyway. I’m a little bummed out that she can’t join us in the fresh world, but here we go anyway.

bandicam 2015-01-15 00-27-36-877 copyThings were a little bit of a mess getting started. There was a lot of slapping, a lot of kissing and a lot of chaos. Amidst the chaos however, Lydia managed to become pregnant.

bandicam 2015-01-15 00-34-49-156 copyWhile I waited for Lydia to lay her egg, I glimpsed Grub below, taking a nap on his way from the hooch still.

After Lydia laid her egg, I decided to add just a few food sources and leave it at that. No more refrigerator, no learning aids till eggs started hatching, nothing. I added Muppetboy’s carrots and watched the world play out.

bandicam 2015-01-15 00-56-55-076 copyDavid and Cassy were in the house together and, not long after David had his nap, I decided that the pair should try for an egg. Lydia was already over 12 hours old and was coming to the end of her life soon, so another egg couldn’t hurt. In fact, as I fed Aidan, Lydia passed away riding on the automatic wagon beneath the ocean. It was more than a little saddening to see her go, but she led a happy life.

bandicam 2015-01-15 00-59-10-071 copyThe next baby I introduced was a son of hers, though. This is Perry, son of Lydia and Gavin. What a broad smile! It’s always a treat when a baby has such a big smile on its face right on import, er hatching.

As he learned his words with them, David and Cassy decided to have an egg. Maybe if we’re lucky, her egg got some education while it was in her belly, huh?

I did realize something, though. With Perry in the world, the sex ratio was wildly out of whack. Cassy was our only girl! She had to share Albia with Adian, David, Bobby, Danny and Perry! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, but I’m still a little dumbfounded. Oh well. I guess I could look at this as a way to slow down egg production a little bit. With one egg in the world and 9 babies on hold waiting to be imported, I still had quite a few young ones to welcome.

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bandicam 2015-01-10 21-05-59-423 copyWhen I returned, the norns were still in one very large group. Eventually, some of the norns wandered off, though I couldn’t see any particular reason why. Perhaps some of the norns were finally starting to feel crowded enough to wander away?

As I expected, it didn’t take long for some of the females to become pregnant and even have twins! It seemed like the older, more prolific females were starting to lose their edge and there were no clear favorites among the males.

bandicam 2015-01-10 21-19-37-316 copySoon enough, it was time to introduce yet another baby. Next to enter my care was Eve, another little lady.

With so many Norns returning to the Norn Meso, I thought she had plenty of adults around to help raise her, and I was right. They offered her the same advice that they’d offered each other and she occasionally listened to it.

More pregnancies came and went and soon, 35 eggs were in storage, waiting to be hatched. Including the egg that accidentally hatched too soon, we had a total of 36 babies waiting and we still had 13 more norns to import into the world. Naturally, the pregnancies kept coming.

Eventually, it got to the point where I was so busy just keeping everyone fed that I hardly had time for anything else. Before I knew it, it was time to introduce yet another Norn.

bandicam 2015-01-10 21-35-42-843 copyThis time, it’s another one of our winners, Kerplunk. This cute little guy tied with Drake and Stain for first in the wolfling run. Hopefully, he’ll be a more successful breeder this time around

With the addition of him, our norn population reached an impressive 14 members. Our oldest norn, Synergy, was now over 3 hours old, though! Soon, her coat would take a different color and she would be out of the running when it came to mating.

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