I was starting to get a little bored and was worried that my creatures were 1) too unthreatened and 2) that the game would be more interesting with hardship of some kind.

No, I didn’t set out to kill my creatures. I added bacteria.

Bacteria that I’d hoped wouldn’t attack so quickly. I was worried about Claire because of the Fever Toxin. It very quickly took hold in her body and in an instant, she was gone. She picked up Histamine B at the very end but I managed to put her in a safe corner of the terrarium before any other grendels could get sick. Viggo, I wasn’t especially worried about because Grendels have a natural immunity to certain Antigens and I think Antigen 5 is one of them. Not shown here is the Carbon Monoxide that was building up in his system as well. I removed his bacteria with a quick spray and those dangerous numbers started to lower again.

After all the excitement (and the unfortunate death of Claire) Viggo started to make a slow but full recovery from the Antigen. Macabre Desire, however, ended up dying not of disease, but of old age.

He was always hilarious to watch. He never did get the hang of drinking potions when he got angry but would always dance and yell about it instead. He’ll have his children to carry on his memory. Naturally, Thin Desire was next.

I was starting to feel a little depressed about this world by now. I deleted all the bacteria again and installed Macrobacteria instead, as was recommended to me by Grendel Man and ylukyun. Then I hatched another Amarok Grendel. Meet Bethany. She’ll be our new female.

I rushed to check on the norns since Scandalous Laborer seemed to be in pain. I checked on her to find Loving Wren slapping her in the top right corner of the world. The two of them and Lowly Adjustment all seemed to have gotten quite old.

Sour Drink, Five Cheese and Uptight Kettle all seemed to be clinging to youth pretty well, though. Five Cheese was probably the most relaxed of them all with those powerful Bondi genes to keep her chill.

I just let the game run for a while and did more maintenance on the ecosystems. I popped over to the Grendel Terrarium and found that Impartial Relation was now getting old. Then I got a death notice. Who died?

Sadly, I found Viggo dead in the grass.

I’m not sure what did him in. Was it his genes? Was it the result of fighting Antigen 5? A quick look at the Wiki tells me that Antigen 5 could have attacked any of his important systems. He’s a grendel and should be immune to it, though.

Was it a fatal, debiltating gene? I had no way of checking with broken software so I let the issue, and poor Viggo, rest. I may look into this more in the future.

Then Five Cheese got sick with Glycotoxin. It left her system as quickly as it had entered but now she was dealing with pain and looked very unhappy. Before long, though, she was back to normal again. She had macrobacteria floating around her, but she was happy again and there were no notices in the medical monitor. She recovered fully before long, but not without repeatedly telling me “me love mom”. My heart just broke a little again.

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I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t sure what to expect or that I wasn’t excited! It’s a little difficult to imagine anything other than a Banshee grendel to come out of each of the eggs that I’d selected from Muco or that I wasn’t expecting them to be mutated or mixed. Generally, C3/DS doesn’t allow for that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’d picked out a single male egg and two female eggs. I’m thinking of introducing Boney and Tiger Grendels into the mix soon but I just wanted to play with my favorite grendel breed for a little while, anyway. I also find their voices a lot more pleasant than the Norn voices and wasn’t ready for a headache so early in this play session.

Anyway, let’s move on to our first creature for the game, Macabre Desire, the male Banshee Grendel.


Cute, isn’t he? He was quick to push the stone of knowledge(?) on the top layer of the jungle. I only had to lead him to it and he pushed it almost right away. Since then, he’s been telling me that “grndl happy” and has started to learn his name, saying that “macabre dethire happy”. I’ve always liked Banshee Grendels and I think they’re more misunderstood than even the original C1 Grendels since they were written up to be the worst grendels alive in the DS Story.

Anyway, I decided to lead him to some food while I hatched the next egg and attempted to teach my next grendel the language.


Grumpy Geese pushed the stone more quickly than Macabre Desire did (Mac for short). Of course, she shortly told me that she was angry and then attempted to “hit hand” while I took her picture. It’s hard to be upset with her knowing that Grendels in general are hard-wired to be angry. I don’t mind her hitting my hand much but I’ll have to keep an eye on her when she’s around other creatures.

Finally, it was time to hatch my third and final egg for this group of foundation grendels.


Thin Desire is so sweet. As soon as she had pushed the stone and I carried her off to the photo room (Random’s Room with a green screen installed) she started following my hand! She kept saying “get Mom” and when she’d reach me, she pushed the hand over and over, announcing how happy she was. I think I’m in love with this little girl already.

After I’d introduced myself to each of them, provided them with some food and offered up some affection, I decided to let them explore the jungle and meet each other.

Of course, it didn’t take long for one of my creatures to start complaining about something. Mac kept going on and on about how lonely he felt, so I brought Des over to keep him company. Despite my telling him to “approach grendel” he didn’t listen to me and instead kept complaining. Eventually, I coaxed him into pushing a grendel and he started kissing Des. By this point, Des was already annoyed, however and said she disliked Mac. Next thing I knew, they were slapping each other and doing an angry song and dance.

I checked on Geese to make sure that she was alright and I found her walking back and forth in the grass with no direction. I asked her if she was angry and she very strongly said yes. It was time to break out the calm balm.

It could just be that I’m lazy and don’t like running back and forth to the injector to get calm balm but I made sure to bring a giant bottle of calm balm with me in case all of my grendels got angry and I couldn’t calm them. As the description (in the wiki) says that too much calm balm can kill a creature, I try to limit them to how much they can have at a time. One calm balm for each of them did the trick, though and a few of them fell asleep.

My satisfaction with this success was cut short when I saw this, though.

The ATP Decoupler is probably what did her in. I always knew that the jungle terrarium was the most dangerous of all of them (at least the ones installed in this game) but I held out hope that the other two would make it since I’ve had grendels survive to the next generations in the past. In any case, it might be time to introduce new blood since their numbers have already been reduced to two.

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