When I loaded up Creatures 2 for the day, I decided to make this run more wolfling in nature. I found the Creatures too stubborn or unintelligent and it was a terrible strain on my patience. That said, this group stuck together so it made monitoring them very simple.

bandicam 2015-03-31 13-09-27-919 copyUnfortunately, they didn’t always do a great job tending their needs and often looked unhappy.

bandicam 2015-03-31 13-17-20-412 copyEventually, Dodger took the lift up to the first powerup and I coaxed him into pressing it. For a while, he only tried to “get” and “run” from it, but things eventually worked out. For a little while, anyway.

bandicam 2015-03-31 13-25-27-509 copyEventually, and seemingly out of the blue, Ernest died at 1 hour, 11 minutes. Though I’d found the science kit, I wasn’t actually able to use it to figure out what was wrong with Ernest. Perhaps a glitch? The game wasn’t running smoothly for me anyway, so I used the game state controller to fix things. Unfortunately, the trick didn’t work and Ernest floated up into the sky. I still had no idea what happened to him.

I guess it might be time to reboot my PC and then try a new world.

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bandicam 2015-03-22 20-58-17-849 copyI’m still getting used to blogging for Creatures 2 in particular, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t even know the names of the norns in this group.

The bright side to this initial confusion was that the norns stuck together in the incubation area. Of course, I was able to forgive myself for not knowing them better once I looked at their ages. Isabelle, our oldest, was just short of an hour old! Of course I didn’t know them! I hardly had any time to get to know them. For now, though, it seemed like they were content to pace around the second learning computer and the collection of dispensers I placed around them.

bandicam 2015-03-22 21-17-48-320 copySome of them pressed dispensors, but most of the time, they were happier pushing the fire, hitting each other and complaining. Good old norns. It seems like they hardly changed over the first three games, at least at a surface level. I knew the changes were much deeper than that, in their programming and genetics, but it’s still fun to consider what they all have in common.

bandicam 2015-03-22 21-22-39-544 copyOf course, it wasn’t long til one of our norns was old enough to breed. Isabelle was now an hour and 10 minutes old, finally starting her first reproductive cycle. It was interesting to take the time to watch her experience a cycle, especially with the aid of a graph. It’s something I never took a long look at before. Katie was just behind her and then the boys, so I at least had another 20 minutes before I had to worry about babies. Basically, I didn’t have to be worried about getting swarmed, even though I considered making this into a wolfling style world.

Of course, 20 minutes eventually came and went and I had to start worrying about the eggs that would come soon. I figured Ernest would be the first father because of his 5 minute lead on Dodger, but it was really anybody’s guess.

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I finally got some free time where I don’t have a terrible headache, so I’m making time for Creatures. Hooray!

bandicam 2015-03-05 11-23-46-941 copyThe babies didn’t stray far from the incubator and nursery yet, but I was hoping that at least one of them would wander away and help me collect power ups.

Who would it be? Well, we’d just have to wait and find out. In the meantime, the babies were actually eating seeds and roots and fiddling with the dispensors. They had instincts to push them, but they also experimented with pulling them, which didn’t produce any result. A pleasant side effect to this fiddling was that norns were also pressing the drink dispensor, so portable drinks were always available. How handy!

bandicam 2015-03-05 11-29-39-818 copyEventually, the norns started to crowd around each other. I managed to separate Dodger from the group and I tried to lure him over to the second learning computer. Getting one over there would be a good start in getting them all to wander, but Dodger basically trapped the lift by falling asleep right in front of it. When he did finally wake up, he must have been very thirsty, because he stood in front of the water fountain for a while and drank. Good thing, too! This is exactly the kind of behavior I was looking for in a thirsty norn.

bandicam 2015-03-05 11-38-54-954 copyIt took some doing, but I finally lured everyone down to the second computer and brought their dispensors with them. I wasn’t really expecting everyone to learn their words completely, but this would at least make it easier to communicate with me and with each other. Besides, if one norn didn’t learn a word, chances are, the others could teach it.

Our youngest, Dodger, was now 22 minutes old and our oldest, Isabelle, was finally getting to be breeding age. Unfortunately, she became ill! With a little alone time, she healed on her own. With no science kit, I wasn’t able to find out what was wrong, but I’m glad she got better. Hopefully, things go so smoothly next time!

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I always thought it was strange that I couldn’t get my creatures to eat carrots and potatoes. I knew that the items were classified as “root” so I opened up the genetics kit and found that all of my creatures lacked genes that encouraged them to eat other types of foods like leaves, seeds and roots. They only really knew to eat food and fruit and had a third, vague instinct to “eat” when they were hungry, which might explain why creatures were always putting things in their mouths. I also found that they lacked an instinct to drink water when thirst and instincts to push dispensers when hungry, so I added those to their genes as well and out came these guys.

I haven’t gotten any feedback from more experienced Creatures 2 players so I decided to give them another go myself and document my experience. Later, if I like this genome, I might expand on it or introduce more creatures with different sprites using this same genome. We’ll see. I’m not exactly a talented or experienced gengineer.

bandicam 2015-02-26 10-50-01-350 copyAnyway, first to join us is Isabelle. She learned all of her verbs very quickly and started to learn about things like food and toys very quickly.

She also kept trying to eat the doozers, but she didn’t have much luck. I eventually lured her to the lower level where the emotions and intensity computer was. I dropped some dispensers near her.

bandicam 2015-02-26 11-04-41-819 copyNext to join us is Katie. She is just as inquisitive as her clone Isabelle and set out to do many of the same things. Eat my hand, eat critters, etc. She didn’t take long to learn her verbs either and I hoped I’d get to introduce the ladies to each other soon.

As Katie stomped around the nursery, generally ignoring the computers, I checked on Isabelle, who complained that she was tired. I eventually used the doozers until I thought that the creatures had learned all the nouns that they could and then introduced our first boy.

bandicam 2015-02-26 11-28-16-292 copyThis is Ernest. He dashed past the computer, dispensers and the girls before getting stuck in the corner of the cave. Between the two girls, computers and the doozers, Ernest was starting to get the hang of language.

I could hardly get him to hold still, though and had a hard time answering his questions with the two slap and tickle happy girls around.

bandicam 2015-02-26 11-34-15-007 copyFinally, as if things weren’t complicated enough, I decided to introduce the last baby, Dodger. He actually stayed close to the computer and learned a handful of words.

With the computers looping automatically, the other norns constantly chatting and the doozers being pushed all the time, I wasn’t worried about his education. I added another dispenser and sat back and watched.

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