Projects and Downloads

Here’s a list of things that I’m presently working on. I won’t waste your time by listing things like private wolfling runs, forum runs or worlds that got no more than 3 posts or so. 🙂 This will also serve as my public To-Do list.


In Progress
Not Yet Started
Links are underlined


Bountiful Bread Basket (C3/DS)
Comfort Candle
Garden Box Chocolate Roses (C3/DS)
Garden Box Logs (C3/DS)
Garden Box Pizza Dough Mushrooms (C3/DS)
Garden Box Shelf Mushrooms (C3/DS)
Garden Box Standing Stumps (C3/DS)
Grettin Control Toggle (C3/DS)
Hands Off
Floating Duck Toy (C3/DS)
No Hand Holding (C3/DS)
Norn Mother (C3/DS)
Sparkleseed Plant
Wolfling Run Autonamer (C3/DS)


CFE / Gizmo Norns (C3/DS)
Colortrue Chameleon Ettins
Stinger Non Stinger (C3/DS)
Eternal Norns (C3/DS)
Updated C1 Genomes V2 (C1)


Genetic Analysis of Zombies (mea’s)

Creature Breeding Population Edit (C3/DS)
Updated Creature Breeding

Write up of C2toDS Beta 3 problems – community effort?
Highlight Videos of the REF Run from CCSF 2014

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