What a way to start. Grant became ill with Sleep toxin. There were no bacteria so my best guess is that he got bitten or stung by something. He was cured before long and sent on his way.

Meanwhile, a bored Theo was given a toy to play with and an absent Cheddar had every norn in the mob talking about how much they disliked him.

Every time I passed, it seemed like all of the norns joined in telling me how much they loved me. As much as I appreciated the sentiment, my ears certainly didn’t.

Then, for the first time, I had an illness on my hand that scared me. Chase became ill with Glycotoxin. When I found him, he was eating weeds in Albia. I wasn’t sure if this is what caused it, but there was no bacteria. Geoff had no side effect to his bacteria and once he was disinfected, he was sent back into the halls.

I returned to Sylvia to see how she was doing and saw that she was starved for protein on the bridge. I carried her to some mushrooms and she gorged on the fruit without my advice. I felt like I’d bonded with her while she was young and I thought it was silly for me to worry about her fertility now. It turns out she’s just picky about her mates, at least as far as I can tell. It’s unfortunate that I might not get to use her’s or Hannah’s eggs in the next group of Norns, but if their babies carry this bad gait, I don’t have much choice. They’ll all be allowed to live on their lives in other games. I still like the idea of using the Norn Meso for this type of creature, but it’s hard for me to catch problems without Gene Compare.

She and Theo still seemed to enjoy each other’s company. I wasn’t expecting any more eggs from these two, especially in Sylvia’s advanced age, but I wasn’t exactly against the idea, either.

Minor infections became an after-thought and I became very effecient at treating colds in my norns. Nobody got sick for very long and I was starting to get bored again. Time for some planning.

I hit Ctrl R, opened up Garden Box to save before I broke the game and headed for the agent injector.

Veridia looked like a good candidate for creatures with bad genes and I could feel free to add them to this world whenever I wanted, so long as they got along with each other. It’d be something of a waste to send Sylvia and Hannah here at this point in their lives, though. They weren’t having any more children so there was no harm in letting them stay.

Their children would have their gaits tested before being welcomed into the next group and if they couldn’t walk, they would be sent to Veridia to stay. There are definitely worse places to end up.


Mother Hannah Mary Nami Belle Rachael Tiara Sylvia
Eggs 4* 4 4 4 5 4 2*

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Sylvia’s fertility situation got me thinking about Tiara. She’d been able to lay her first egg before and I wondered why she wasn’t getting pregnant anymore.

Turns out, she was exploring the desert.

I returned her to the Norn terrarium and encouraged her to push norn. Before I knew it, Theo was fathering two more eggs! To celebrate, he banged on his drum as I carried Tiara away to collect her eggs.

There were two more minor illnesses between Grant and Chase. I’m glad nothing serious has spread yet, to put it mildly.

Just then, and with a little encouragement, Tiara became pregnant with her fourth and final egg. I set it with the others.

I had a new idea, though. The ladies were all done laying eggs now, as long as they were able. I decided to split up the group to make things less crowded and moved half of them into Albia.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere. Sylvia became pregnant with Rave’s child! I got so excited. After this,  I got rid of the archways for now and decided to move everyone to Albia. Before I could finish , Rachael became pregnant again. At first, I thought it was a false positive since Norn Statistics didn’t show her as pregnant. Out came an egg a few minutes later and soon, she had 5 eggs to her name.

I double checked my population controls and they were still set properly.

With the eggs sorted (again) I reinstalled the Archways. The Norn Terrarium would lead to the incubation area and to the water mill, the desert to the volcano, the jungle to the swamp and the beach to, well, the beach. Now, the norns could all make it to and from the various parts of Albia without too much searching.

The age of my creatures was starting to show. My older norns have always taken to getting slap happy and this group was no exception. They already enjoyed slapping but now they acted like they had an excuse to do it.

Theo and Sylvia had an egg on the way now and Hannah had a little one on the way. Hannah’s odd limp started to look more appropriate on her old, pregnant body. After the girls laid their eggs, I stepped back and let the game run for a while. Hannah ate carrots on the forest floor while Tiara watched. Rave napped above and the mob meandered towards the volcano.

It wasn’t long before someone made their way back to the Shee Ark. Geoff became ill when he returned to the jungle. Once he was healed, he returned to the Norn Terrarium on his own and became ill again. I sprayed the door then let him wander again, hoping nothing else would disturb the peace.

I returned to Sylvia and found her limping like her sister Hannah. I eventually made the decision not to let their children carry these genes into following generations and marked her eggs for download-only, along with Hannah’s.


Mother Hannah Mary Nami Belle Rachael Tiara Sylvia
Eggs 4* 4 4 4 5 4 2*

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Hannah was the second creature to make it to C2toDS (or just Albia). She ate lots of mushrooms and explored the incubation area on her own and for a while, I just followed her. She headed home before long but jumped back through the portal to Albia. Her problems with walking just seemed to get worse and I ultimately decided not to keep her children for the next generation. They would be made available for download right away instead.

I found a group of 5 norns by the door to the norn terrarium and sent them back home. Theo was among them and I was worried that he’d gotten sick again. He wasn’t in the group that went back and I instead found him exploring the desert terrarium.

I was interrupted by another pregnancy notification. This time, it was Rachael. I couldn’t tell who the father was again because she had two boys harassing her! Poor girl. Still, congratulations are in order for her first egg.

By this point, everyone has reached adulthood except for Tiara, who was just barely behind. There wasn’t much exploring going on, though.

Belle was our next pregnancy, this time with Cheddar. This marked her second egg and I was very proud.

Grant was our next sickness. He was in the jungle terrarium this time and had Histamine A as a result of bacteria.

Next, another pregnancy! Timber is the father of Mary’s latest and final baby.

I’ll admit, I got tired of waiting and eventually just went through the C2 to DS portal myself and took 5 norns with me. Then Tiara got pregnant with Theo’s child.

This left Sylvia the only female without an egg so far. I rushed back to Albia. I tried to spend some time with Chase but Theo was busy making babies, this time, with Rachael! Then another indication came before Rachael laid her egg. Geoff and Belle would be parents.

I returned to Albia, hopefully for longer than a few minutes this time,  to find these two slapping each other silly! Cheddar tried to make peace by saying he liked Geoff but Geoff only said he disliked Cheddar. Geoff also started slapping Timber who was trapped in a corner. I slapped Geoff once to make him stop then Timber joined me! I slapped him to stop and they both separated from each other, laying down and glaring.

I got three more pregnancy notifications and 3 eggs. There was a bit of a mix up so I may have swapped the babies around accidentally in sorting, but it’ll be alright once they’re hatched. Rachael seems to have laid two more eggs and Belle one! Hannah still had to lay one more egg before she was finished, Tiara 3 and Sylvia was still not a mother! I set out to find her and found her in the jungle, alone.

Nami, Tiara and Hannah all seemed to follow me, though I soon had to treat Nami for illness. Sylvia followed suit and I sent her to join the others once she was healthy. After I took an inventory, everyone was back in the Norn Terrarium but Hannah, who was staying in the jungle. She complained about loneliness so I lead her back to the Norn Terrarium with the others.

Still, I was starting to get worried about Sylvia.


Mother Hannah Mary Nami Belle Rachael Tiara Sylvia
Eggs 3 4 4 4 4 1 0

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Belle is our next proud mother with her first egg! Rave is the father this time.

After all the craziness, Tiara was finally sent to join the other norns. It didn’t take me long to decide that the area was much too crowded. The norns weren’t doing much exploring and I wanted them to have more safe areas to visit.

I decided to do the obvious. Install a metaroom!

I played some creatures 2 on the side and fell in love with the world, but not so much with the controls. I also installed archways to make moving easier and was hoping some of the norns would start exploring.

Before I could get to that, Mary was pregnant again. Since Timber and Rave were both with her at the time, I couldn’t tell who the father was! I guess time would tell.

Nami became sick again. She took a nap in the jungle and came down with a bacteria that carried Histamine A with it. I gave her cough syrup and she was fine again.

By this point, I was just glad that I didn’t have to deal with any serious illnesses. I really hope I didn’t just jynx myself.

Chase made it through the portal then Hannah was pregnant again. I didn’t catch who the father was in time. With her second egg laid, she proudly joined the others.

Meanwhile, Chase explored his new surroundings. For a while, he complained of hunger and refused the food that I’d brought him. I sent him back through the portal then moved it to a more popular location.

Hannah was still limping around due to her weird gait but could still run from Geoff’s advances. I think she needed a break from being a mother. That didn’t stop those boys and soon, she was pregnant again anyway. Her third egg was laid and she was closer to becoming infertile.

Finally, I had quiet for a little while. Nami and Sylvia spent their time in the jungle terrarium together while the others enjoyed the safety of the norn terrarium. I travelled around the world and added food, removed unneeded agents and tools and added anemones to the aquarium.

It wasn’t long til Mary got sick again, though. She had sleep toxin in her body but it only encouraged her to rest while she needed it. With the bacteria eliminated, she quickly returned to normal.


Mother Hannah Mary Nami Belle
Eggs 3 3 4 1

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