Finally, to wrap up our genetic analyses, let’s take a look at our last norn to import and a new baby I’m introducing.

bandicam 2015-04-30 21-48-51-853 copyHoss – Male – Son of Cassy and David

Moniker – 1NAB

Look at Handsome Hoss! I do love seeing Horse Norns cropping up, even if only on the Creature’s face. I just love those teeny, tiny little horns that the sport with their stylish haircuts. He had a neat mix of parts, too.

When I investigated his genetics, I did find one interesting gene that had popped up in the past. At 1 hour old, he wasn’t even old enough to breed, but I was excited for his offspring already.

Good | Bad | Interesting

229 Different in Hoss  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*<219> + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.
229 Different in dad4  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*Antigen3 + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.

After mulling over this genetic mutation, I came to realize just how much of a blessing in disguise it was. If you think back to my post about Typhoid Mallory, you might remember that she had a mutation that prevented her body from ‘reacting’ to Antigen 2. Basically, she wasn’t able to have an immune response til she was at life-stage 16, which doesn’t exist and isn’t auto-corrected by the game engine. While this means she can harbor disease, it means that she is also safe from it. Isn’t that handy?

Hoss on the other hand has the same mutation as his father. Instead of a non-existent life stage protecting him from Antigen 3, however, he reacts to chemical 219, which isn’t injected in the game. Just as good as being immune, the way I see it.

bandicam 2015-04-30 22-06-10-788 copyArchie – Male – Son of Cassy and David

Moniker – 7GXR

Next was Archie, who I named during his vocabulary lessons. He’s Hoss’s full brother, so I’m happy to see more Horse faces in the game. He’s a cheerful little guy, too and I’m happy to welcome him to the group. Peony came and distracted him for a while, but we eventually got through lessons and he got to taste cheese and carrots before very long.

Good | Bad | Interesting

229 Different in Hoss  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*<219> + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.
229 Different in dad4  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*Antigen3 + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.

What luck! Archie had the same mutation as his brother Hoss. This gave me some hope to breed a line of norns that were immune to this antigen. Every little bit helps, you know?

With all the investigating out of the way, I was finally able to continue documenting their lives, just as before. It wasn’t that I couldn’t blog without looking at their genetics, but after looking at Mallory’s genes, I guess curiosity got the better of me.

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With David and Danny’s genetics decoded, it was time to look at some of the other norns in the group.

bandicam 2015-04-30 21-21-19-868 copyPerry – Male – Son of Lydia and Gavin

Moniker – 1XEH

Perry is David’s full brother and Danny’s half-brother! At 7 hours, 45 minutes, he was pretty old, but had a few hours left in him yet. Because of my break, I can’t say I remembered a lot about him but when he was imported, he made a sprint for the Baobab and got himself sick. Thankfully, his reaction was short lived.

Good | Bad | Interesting

Beside a few small changes here and there, Perry doesn’t have any mutations.

bandicam 2015-04-30 21-36-44-131 copyPeony – Female – Daughter of Opal and Gavin

Moniker – 8IAB

Peony is Danny’s full-sister and is Perry and David’s half-sister. Graphically speaking, she’s a giant compared to her brothers but at 6 hours old, she might be losing a few inches in height soon.

On import, she zoomed right past Muggy and started looking at everything. Like Perry, she seemed to find the baobab irresistible.

Good | Bad | Interesting

Like Perry, she doesn’t have any particularly interesting


bandicam 2015-04-30 21-43-09-359 copyTabby – Female – Daughter of Lydia and David

Moniker – 1HYO

Tabby, it turns out, is David’s daughter! She zoomed past everything in the garden to say hello to Peony, who napped. At just shy of 4 hours old, she was the baby of the 5 norns that were imported to the rebooted world.

Good | Bad | Interesting

Like Perry and Peony above, she doesn’t have any particularly interesting mutations. This is unfortunate, because I was hoping to have some neat mutations to show you all.

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Before long, Hoss was healthy again and decided to take a vacation to the island. I can’t say I blame him. After an ordeal like that, I’d need a break, too.

It was about then that I decided to export all of my creatures and hatch all of the eggs from this world. The creatures to come out of them wouldn’t be joining us just yet, but they would be saved for the future. If I can find the time, I’ll be looking through all of their genetics and spending some time with each of them before throwing them all into a world together.

bandicam 2015-04-20 00-16-23-481 copyBefore starting the work up on the older norns, I decided to go ahead and import my two(!) grendels. Grub(right) was already around from the previous world but Greh(left) hatched while I exported the new hatchling norns. They’ve both gotten a brush up on their vocabulary, I installed Grendel Friendly and they’ve been let loose.

I also went ahead and installed Allotment Potatoes, Coconuts, Muppetboy’s Many Carrot COBs with the starch glitch fixed, the Garden Strawberries, Happy Pink Flowers, a Hooch Vendor, Muggy, Bliumea plants and Rodirea. If these creatures got hungry, it would be their own faults. I also added the Toy Train, Life Preserver and Seaside Telescope. These were probably pretty unnecessary, but the additional toys would still help all the creatures manage their boredom better.

Anyway. Onto our first Norn.

bandicam 2015-04-20 00-39-28-004 copyDavid – Male – Son of Lydia and Gavin

Moniker – 3QIX

David is currently the oldest norn I have at 11 hours and 1 minute old. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

I’ll be taking a page from Jessica’s book and borrowing her gene color coding idea to mark good, bad and just plain interesting genes.

Good | Bad | Interesting

There are just a few genes here that are particularly interesting.

229 Different in File 3QIX  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*<219> + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.
229 Different in File dad4  38   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   2*Antigen3 + 4*Glucose => 1*Antibody3 + 1*Hotness; half-life = 80.

This gene means that instead of reacting to Antigen3 with antibodies and hotness, David will react to chemical 219 which, as far as I know, does nothing. This could mean a couple of things but, because 219 isn’t injected into creatures (as far as I know) this means that David could carry Antigen 3 without any consequence. He reminds me a bit of Typhoid Mallory and I think I’ll be keeping their mutations in mind. As old as he is, he’s probably had lots of eggs that might carry this mutation. In theory, this could mean that Antigen 3 does no harm to his children since Glucose is not consumed when they are infected with Antigen 3. I tentatively post this as good since while the mutation is good for him and his offspring, it could be terrible for other norns.

 95 Different in File 3QIX   6   0 Emb   B Mut         ‘It is approaching’ causes sig=82 GS neu=10(IT is approaching) int=255, , Add Offset to Neuron eg word#,  => 31*Turnase + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE>
 95 Different in File dad4   6   0 Emb   B Mut         ‘It is approaching’ causes sig=82 GS neu=10(IT is approaching) int=255, , ,  => 31*Turnase + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE>

I have… NO idea what this means. I’ll be looking it up later to find out, though.

106 Different in File 3QIX  17   0 Emb   B Mut         ‘I have retreated’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0, , ,  => 2*Tiredness++ + 8*Loneliness– + 8*Crowdedness++ + 0*<NONE>
106 Different in File dad4  17   0 Emb   B Mut         ‘I am approaching’ causes sig=0 GS neu=255 int=0, , ,  => 2*Tiredness++ + 8*Loneliness– + 8*Crowdedness++ + 0*<NONE>

This is very interesting. Normally, when a creature approaches other creatures, they become tired and crowded but less lonely. In David, retreating actually causes these effects. This means that if he feels lonely, he should actually try to get away from other norns to feel less lonely. No norn is an island except this guy, I guess. I do see a problem where this might make socializing challenging for him.

bandicam 2015-04-20 01-02-08-699 copyDanny – Male – Son of Opal and Gavin

Moniker – 6NIC

Danny, if you recall, has always had a problem with sleepiness. I’ll be taking a closer look at his genes today to see what else is going on in his genetics.

Good | Bad | Interesting

 78 Different in File 1  19   0   8   B MutDupCut   1*Sleepiness– + 1*Sleepiness => 1*Reward + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 8.
 78 Different in File 2  19   0 Emb   B MutDupCut   1*Sleepiness– + 1*Sleepiness => 1*Reward + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 8.

The poor guy. This is where his perpetual sleepiness comes from. In my look into Mallory’s genetics, I found that life stage problems in genetics are not automatically corrected by the game. This means that while Danny has the reaction that turns sleepiness decrease and sleepiness into reward, it doesn’t activate til life stage 8, which doesn’t exist. To put things in perspective, the highest stage is ancient, which is numbered 6.

Beside that, Danny also has a few stimuli that have no effect. “It is approaching”, “It is retreating” and “Object comes into view” have absolutely no effect on him because the chemicals have all changed to <NONE>.

Not a lot to talk about, but interesting nonetheless! It’s a shame about his sleepiness but it’s thankfully the only really bad gene he has. He’s slept so much that he hasn’t done much breeding so the good news is that not many children should have this gene.

And that’s it for today! I’ll be taking a look at more genetics soon.

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It was getting to be so easy for me to give up on Creatures 2 worlds. There were just too many problems with the gameplay and built in genetics. And then GimmeCat posted this awesome article on how to pull genetic files from eggs. Great work, GimmeCat!

Now, I was finally able to play with Nova Subterra norns like I’d wanted. Instead of creating a new world to play with and get to know norns, however, I wanted to play around with the genomes, like I often did with Docking Station. Just as with the Kannova, I decided to add instincts to eat other foods and to drink when thirsty. This set of genes missing just seemed very strange to me, especially given the problems with learning that the default genomes had. Then again, looking at the instincts, I also saw that there were 3 instincts to reward eating food and 3 for fruit. One food instinct and one fruit instinct for The Embryo, Adolescent and Adult stages. Uh. What?

Anyway, instead of replacing these, I instead added the new instincts for each of the three life stages used by the food and fruit instincts. To start with, I added the instincts to drink when thirsty. Why was this missing? Then, instincts to push dispensers when hungry. Finally, I added instincts to eat seeds, leaves and roots. Before too long, I had my first test norns.

bandicam 2015-04-01 23-03-50-718 copyThese two are some of the updated norns. I decided on the Bahama norn sprites only because I like them. I added more norns just like them to pad out the population a little and hopefully prevent extinction. Now I only had to wait to see what the eight of them would do.

They spent much of their time wall bonking, unfortunately. After a while, I moved them to the lower level near the swamp, where the carrots and potatoes were growing. I thought at the very least that the abundant food would be good for them. Unfortunately, a few died anyway. Perhaps I should add instincts to eat flowers? It was an idea, anyway. Another idea? I should probably take the time to teach these guys some lessons about life. This test group wasn’t doing so well. Eventually, the game crashed anyway.

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