I’ve gone ahead and added the CFE updates to all of the previously available Gizmo Breeds (and omitted my Inhibin gene this round). No other edits were made to these files and I’ve kept the Gizmo lifespans and reproductive edits in place. I wanted to offer a wider variety of breeds in my last release so hopefully this makes up for it.

As for the other breeds (Toxic, Hardman, etc…) I may tackle them in the future but they’re definitely a down-the-road release for no other reason than that I don’t have a good understanding of their genetics and wouldn’t know where to begin making compromises between the Gizmo genes and their own.

Anyway, the CFE edits were originally developed by Vampess and the Gizmo edits were originally developed by Darcie.

In each .zip you will find one male and one female for each breed plus the .gen and .gno files. Enjoy!


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I have egg agents now in 3 flavors for both versions. Download them below!


As I’ve never played with Gizmo norns myself (I love the CFE genome too much) I don’t fully know what to expect. I have two versions. So far, they’re all bengals.

Original Age and Reproduction Genes

Egg Agent

These guys have the original lifespan and reproduction genes. This means that they can still become super breeders.

Gizmo Age and Reproduction Genes

Egg Agent

These guys have the shorter lifespan (about 5 hours) and can’t breed til they reach adulthood.

If you test these guys out, be sure to contact me on CCaves or e-mail me at kezune_twitch@hotmail.com.

If you have a blog, you are more than welcome to post your findings there.

A quick note before I leave you to try these guys out on your own:

I’ve found that these guys are pretty hard to just leave alone to grow by themselves and that they won’t pass the IQ test without guidance. Once you’ve taught them what to eat and how to mate, they make wonderfully independent creatures.

Good luck and have fun!

More breeds to come.

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