Wow! I fell behind this week. I guess a case of the common cold will do that, huh? Beside that, I’ve also had some personal projects that I’ve been working on and my YouTube channel has definitely been keeping me busy.

I’m back today to catch up with my Creatures 1 world, though! Better late than never, right?

bandicam 2015-04-10 11-59-48-380 copyDavid had recovered from his experience with that terrible disease but I was still worried for him. Really, I should have worried about Tabby whose health was a little worse off. You coudln’t tell from her smile, but her health sat around 50%. She wasn’t difficult come feeding time, which made me wonder why her health was so low in the first place. For the first time in a long time, I decided to do some genetic investigating.

Unfortunately, nothing in her genetics jumped out at me. I decided to see if carrots would be better food. When she did eat, she only had some honey. A carrot seemed to do the trick, though it also seemed she digested it more slowly. It was hard for me to describe and my incomplete understanding of norn biochemistry didn’t do me any favors.

bandicam 2015-04-10 12-08-31-055 copyAs I considered what to do next, I found Perry and Grub tickling each other and smiling in the well. I always knew that Norns and Grendels could become friends, but it was still refreshing to see when it happened.

I always play with “Grendel – Friendly” on because it allows Grendels the ability to interact with norns on their own terms instead of all interactions defaulting to a slap, as was originally intended and programmed into the game. Grub was even there to congratulate Perry and Mallory on their new egg. The boys seemed to greatly enjoy each other’s company and I hoped they’d be close friends for a long while.

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bandicam 2015-01-08 23-37-41-322 copyThis is Gruff. He’s one of two non-Norn creatures I have in this world. The other, of course, is an Ettin.

Gruff’s an introspective, sad guy, which makes me sad. He got stuck in the yellow life boat and I had to rescue him from his position. When he was freed, he was basically left to his own devices for a little while. At least, until I found him on the bridge.

While the Norns did their own thing for a while, I decided to follow Gruff around and get to know him.

bandicam 2015-01-08 23-42-08-800 copyAt first, he wasn’t sure what to do with the top I brought him. He just stared at it and then tried to run away. I didn’t think he’d played with any toys at this point so it wasn’t too surprising. Once he did play with it a little, he was back to watching the weather.

It was actually sort of difficult to draw his attention away from the clouds. I even had a little difficulty getting him to eat. He just seemed like a quiet, somewhat lonesome guy. I’m glad I took a few minutes to tend a few of his needs.

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bandicam 2014-11-28 15-46-02-534 copyIf asked to go on a vacation with Jane, I would wholeheartedly decline. The Jungle isn’t my idea of an ideal vacay spot, but Jane certainly seems to enjoy it. I will admit that the magic beans make this place more interesting but still. Not my thing.

I had other sights to see with the rest of the norns, though. Once they decided that pushing portals was fun, they were all over the ship. Geoffrey and Percy made their way to the desert, Susan went to the jungle, William to the Norn Meso they were still traveling for a while. Henrietta and Paulie both stuck to the Norn Terrarium and napped near the heater.

bandicam 2014-11-29 14-27-21-562 copyBefore long, everyone was out and about doing their own thing. I even tried to get Susan pregnant when she was alone with Percy but, no such luck, I’m not currently expecting any new eggs from this group. Jane was still near the two of them so I encouraged her to use the elevator to visit them. Despite a kisspop, no pregnancy notifications.

After a while, I decided to visit everyone and offer a shower of hand food. I installed a few more heaters and, when I wasn’t looking, Jane and Percy made another egg together. I was feeling very pessimistic that Susan would ever try for one. At least she got along alright with Henrietta.

bandicam 2014-11-29 14-49-57-650 copySpeaking of, Henrietta became pregnant and had an egg when my attention was diverted. Good for you! Everyone, meet Oodle. He’s the newest of our grendels.

I wasn’t planning on a second population in this game, but it was welcome nonetheless. I fed everyone and made a note to pay closer attention next time.

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Really quick, here’s a quick follow up to Bihia. She loves pushing dispensers.


1byotobyoByotobyo isn’t much of a zombie. She lies still but is still very much alive, she can even die when left alone too long! She’s more like a coma patient and it seems she can die when her organs fail or of starvation.

First things first, Byotobyo, unexpectedly, had a lot of her genes intact. Compared with Bihia’s meager 526 genes, Byotobyo has 804, only 22 fewer than the CFE ChiChi genome we’re comparing to. After considering the genes that she’s missing, she appears to be a normal grendel. Except that she doesn’t move. Or talk.

I did notice something very, very strange in the Poses section of the Gene Compare, though. As it turns out, 40 of her pose genes are dormant! Many of them apply to approaching, walking up and downhill, and even shivering, picking things up and wandering are dormant genes! Normally, changes to Poses and gaits can cripple a creature but here, it seems to have frozen her altogether!

As for not speaking when spoken to… I’m not sure how that worked out. I checked her stimuli and there were no changes to the hearing/speaking genes, unless there was a change in a part of her brain that I didn’t know about.

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