TL;DR : What it says on the tin.

I originally started this blog so that I could feel like I was contributing to the Creatures community and while I did touch on other simulation-style games, this blog was almost always about Creatures and the writing that I felt I was doing for the community. I even took great pleasure in documenting the lives of my Creatures but I ultimately took on this project to get involved in a community that seemed very friendly and welcoming.

Due to some issues I had with a few Creatures Caves staff members, I decided to take a break from Creatures and Creatures blogging so that I could separate myself from the drama. I thought this separation would allow me to return feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I thought I would come back ready to blog and participate again.

Instead, the separation only caused me to lose interest and I started to feel bitter about the people that I felt drove me away from the community in the first place. Sadly, it seems like there’s no returning for me anymore and I’ve moved on to other things.

For all intents and purposes, this blog is retired. I can’t lie to myself or to any remaining readers about how I feel about this project anymore and I can’t pretend that my interest in Creatures was any more than a vehicle to try to be social and make friends. I thought my passion for the games ran deeper than that, but I guess I was mistaken.



PS: I understand creator rights and rehosting agents and cobs is a big deal in the Creatures Community, so I’d like to clear this up now.

If anyone would like to adopt, re-host or build off of my previous projects, including community projects like the Daily Creature Feature or Community Quilt, please feel free to do so so long as you include the following information:

Include that the project was made or started at least in part by me.
Include a link to this website so that people can look up furtherĀ  information or ask questions. I have the blog set up to email me about comments.

I’m pretty easy-going about rights to use my agents, breeds, scripts, etc so if anything is unclear, feel free to ask, but don’t think I’ll be offended if you don’t.

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