Video is recorded, edited and hosted by Katherine Meyer (me!)

I was asked to test Kitty Tikara’s breed in progress and here’s the video that came of that. Enjoy!

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Video is recorded, edited and hosted by Katherine Meyer (me!)

All music titles are individually listed in video, as they’re played.
All music generously provided by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Welcome to generation 4!

We’re already off to a fast start with the girls. Lavender and Lilac were previously IQ tested and are 11 and 12 minutes old but the boys are brand new.

Just moments after I’d started the new world, one of the girls passed away, though!lilacOh no!

I suppose this is good news for Lavender, though. She at least will be able to take genetic dominance over the next generation, assuming all goes well. With all the bacteria in the world killed, I couldn’t imagine how it wouldn’t.

The boys, John and Albert seemed much more lively and interesting than Lavender, though. She seemed most interested in something, though no green arrow told me what. Soon, though, they were all taught their vocabulary with the Holistic Learning Machine and they were allowed to wander.

lilacBeing so young, they didn’t wander very far. They did eat and express normally and Albert actually gave sound advice to retreat norn when crowded and push machinery when bored. Soon, Lavender was an adolescent at 25 minutes old. The boys, it seemed, would have some catching up to do. For a long time, not much else happened. Albert went to the C1toDS world.

Before long, Albert complained of being lonely so I sent him to be with his friends in the Meso’s swamp. He eventually made his way back into C1toDS but John and Lavender were busy having their first child.

lilacWhat a pleasant surprise, too!

Before long, there was another long lull and I took a crochet break as I watched.

I noticed something a bit odd, though. Lavender carried the egg for a long time but never laid it. I cracked open the hover doc and decided to take a look.

(compared with Vanilla Bengal Norn)

202 Different in file 2  68   0 You F MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 11, Creature, Sensorimotor, Involuntary action 1, chem=Progesterone, thresh=245, nom=0, gain=255, features=Digital  (0)
value was 233

It’s been a long, long time since I researched genetics in creatures but given that the threshold is a bit higher, I can just guess that Lavender couldn’t produce enough progesterone to lay her egg naturally, similar to a grendel from a previous nurturing world.

I injected her with the chemical progesterone and she laid the egg, like normal.

I continued searching the differences and found this, too.

203 Different in file 2  13   0 You F MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 11, Creature, Reproductive, I am pregnant, chem=Progesterone, thresh=128, samp=3, gain=4, features=Digital  (0)
values were 1, 3

Her mutation is very similar to Tuatara’s and Wide-Eyed Payment’s. Basically, the changes to this gene make it so that she can never naturally lay an egg on her own. I took a peek and so far, both of her eggs are carrying the gene.

After discovering this, I decided to force her to lay all of her eggs by chemical injection. This would at least keep the family line moving.

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I haven’t been doing much Creatures-wise aside from the stream so I took tonight to get to work on an idea I had for a new egg-mother. I present to you the Norn Mother.

Norn Mother

Similar to the Grendel Mother and Ettin Mother, this agent creates an invisible egg layer that occasionally lays an egg with any genome starting with an “n”.

When an egg is laid, you will hear the machine make a ‘ka-thunk’ noise. It lays eggs at the same rate as the other Egg Mothers.

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