Join in on the Creatures Community Quilt project for 2015!

View the quilt and the “public page” here.

What is this?
The point of this project is to show your appreciation for the Creatures Community by adding your own 120 x 120 square to the quilt. Make your mark, show off your creativity and share your love of Creatures and the Community.

Over time, watch the quilt grow as I update the quilt every 4 squares. At the end of the year, I will ‘stitch’ all of the rows together and post the finished quilt online. Squares will be placed in the order that they were submitted.

If this turns out to be a popular activity, I’ll repeat this next year!

You can view the quilt here. I know I only frequent the Creatures Caves, but members from ALL forums are welcome to contribute to the quilt project so long as the quilt is PG-13 or lower and is Creatures related. Please send all squares to I will host the files here on your behalf to avoid hot linking.

What are the rules?
– Maximum 10 squares per member. There is no minimum number, of course. This gives everyone an equal chance to express their adoration for the games and the community that they bore.
– Quilts must be related to Creatures. They can depict fanart, poems, screenshots, or anything else you can think of that is related to Creatures, including agents and works in progress.
– The squares must be no larger and no smaller than 120×120 px. Uniformity will make the quilt nice and tidy.
– You can share your squares in the Graphics section of the Gallery or host them yourself.
– I will not add your name to the squares so if you want your name included on them, you must add them yourself.
– Deadline is December 31st, 2015. You have plenty of time, but don’t forget!

How do I start?
For your convenience, I’ve already created these files for you to use. The .png file is only meant to be a guide and you don’t need to use the stitching. You can create your own stitching if you prefer, as well.
Below that picture, I’ve provided a link to the .PSD so that if you have Photoshop, you can use that.
The quilt squares can be made in any image editing software.

Get the PSD file here

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I played with the Dark Banshees a little before I decided to make a dedicated world for them and their rivals the CFF Hardmen. Here’s a peek at how I’ve decorated the place.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve since moved things around to make them look a little better. No more floating shacks for this world! And don’t worry, CA Links and wall perm are all taken care of.

Click on each image to see it in full size. Warning, these images are very large!

bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-12-040 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-22-423 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-25-592 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-27-941 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-30-215 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-32-630 bandicam 2015-02-19 13-05-34-611

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I guess tampering is a good word for what I felt like doing today. See, the thing about learning CAOS (from my experience) is that you can’t learn everything about the way the game works from reading the documentation. That’ll teach you how the various codes work, yes and that’s perhaps one of the most important parts of learning how to develop for the games. However, if you’re trying to modify the game, it’s important to learn how the systems in place work.

A good place to start is to check out !DS_game variables.cos. I’ve opened it in Notepad.

bandicam 2014-12-03 09-45-27-075 copyThe last time I opened up this document was to play around with an edited Creature Breeding script I was playing with but since my game got corrupted and I had to reinstall, I had a brand new !DS_game variables.cos file to play around with.

Opening up the file and taking a look at the different variables did get me thinking about some things I could be making or doing with the game to make it more interesting. For example, if you look at the “Twinning” variables, you can edit them to make twins, triplets, etc. more common. You could also edit the way creatures behave. Since creatures are just agents, you could adjust them so that they aren’t interactive at all. You could even adjust bhvr so that creatures can’t hit each other. I’m not sure of the consequences of this but it’s something worth experimenting with in the future.

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Heh. I haven’t drawn in a while.

This is my entry for the CCSF 2014 Grendel Beauty Contest. Fun stuff!


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