I’d always wondered how Colortrue edits were made but I only decided to take a look today. After opening up Gene Compare I realized that colortrue edits work exactly as advertised. ylukyun himself says that “They have pigment genes moved around, making their colors mix instead of being inherited” so I took the idea and applied it to the Chameleon Ettins, driven to the decision by my Ettin world and its first natural offpsring Rhonda.

bandicam 2014-06-21 23-10-32-841Hi Rhonda. Don’t worry. I’ll have more about that world soon.

Anyway, I went a bit nuts and put together 13 different colors for the Colortrue Ettins but I’m not quite ready to make them available for download. I stuck two of each color in the meso, excited to see what new color combinations would crop up from the offspring but, tragically, I found some issues with the ettins that I wanted to fix before making this version of the genome available.

For starters, look at this mess. There are 28 creatures concentrated on this one spot.

bandicam 2014-06-22 23-28-02-80128. I don’t think they’re even concerned about whether they’re eating or not. So first things first, I want to make them experience crowdedness.

Next, I want to address the boredom issue. It’s driving me a little insane listening to them complain of boredom when they have toys, gadgets and machines readily available to them.

I’d like to apply Amaikokonut’s sleep fix and try to address the lactate issue. I fixed the issue in my Eternal Norn breed but failed to take good, clear notes. My bad.

Finally, I’d like to make some edits to the instincts. Weakening some, strengthening others… I’ll probably experiment a lot with these to see what works best.

For now, though, here’s a preview of all the colors I put together today. My hope is that the variety keeps me motivated to make edits to the breed.

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Video is recorded, edited and hosted by Katherine Meyer (me!)

I was asked to test Kitty Tikara’s breed in progress and here’s the video that came of that. Enjoy!

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It’s been an absolute nightmare dealing with realty BUT I still have Creatures to look forward to at the end of the day. That said, Haven asked me to take a look at her breed to make sure it works and to share my findings. I’ve already asked her if I could post them to my blog so here goes!

I’m using the latest version that was sent to me (Titled New) and I get an error when I click on the Mime Norns in Advanced Muco.

bandicam 2013-08-23 23-18-48-932

I clicked Continue and got myself a male and female egg. Out popped these two. Immediately, I took them to the Holistic Learning Machine to teach them words and so far, they don’t seem very different from other norns. They express when they need things, eat and play when they feel the need to and even seem to rest on their own. So far, the only real difference is that they look scared or surprised when they’re happy.

bandicam 2013-08-24 22-34-59-898

Once they seemed tended to, I put the two together in the bottom level of the Meso. They seemed easily crowded and unless they were approaching the same thing, they seemed to want to avoid each other. Then, I asked them to express and they were off chattering, like all norns would be. With a Haunter toy and lots of food they were very easy to care for.

Other than the issue with the missing Glyph file, the file seems to work.

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Just a quick update. My oldest norn, Atta, has just passed away at 2 hours, 21 minutes! One of the quirks of this breed is that females are allowed to become queens by breeding with males. Breeding with males prolongs their lives, after all. I really like this feature and it’s kind of fun to see how long you can get them to live. Anyway, carry on.


No, as a matter of fact. I don’t know what I’m doing.

C-rex worked very hard on this new genome and I’ve definitely been looking forward to it. Naturally, when he said he needed testers, I was more than happy to oblige.

I loaded up a fresh world in Creatures 2 to introduce the new norns.

Atta was first. I figured that since males live such short lives I should introduce the male a little later.

The first thing Atta did was eat the mushrooms. She learned all the words I could teach her with the computers and at 10 minutes old, she was an Adult and ready to breed. She learned all of the vocabulary she could from the two computers by 11 minutes old and it was time to export her.
I did the same with Flik and he was ready to breed at 10 minutes as well. I saved copies of both of them in their new adult stage and introduced them to each other.After they met, the ran straight for the cave and proceeded to wall bonk. In the midst of all their head injuries, they ended up getting pregnant.It almost seems like once they met, Flik just continues to wall bonk and has actually forgotten to eat. I’ve given him fruit and I keep asking him to eat but he dances around the fruit and continues to bonk against the wall.

I’ve been able to get Atta away from Flik and she’ll eat fruit when she’s separated from him. After some one on one time with Flik, I think he’s forgotten to eat fruit but he’ll still eat food.They met again and started kisspopping and wall bonking right away. Soon, Flik was all mated out and died at just 21 minutes old. I knew males lived shorter lives than the females but I wasn’t expecting just 20 minutes. Still, he has two eggs to his name.

Out of those eggs came these two little males. These two males cause or have the same problems as their father did. Atta is still to crashing into a wall when they’re around but they still happily eat fruit. We’ll see if that changes when they grow up.Before long, they were old enough to breed and the wall bonking got worse again.

Only 45 minutes into the game, it seemed like the babies and pregnancies were starting to get out of hand. Rather than try to raise them all myself, I decided to leave them to their own devices.

Eventually, it became clear that wallbonking was a serious problem. Whenever they would mate they would get stuck in this cave.I don’t know if it’s a result of the slapping, running or breeding but no matter what, when other ant norns are around, these guys run straight for this cave and repeatedly into the wall. It’s actually frustrating to watch and a bit boring.

Otherwise, I think their lifespans are about right and it’s fun to watch them breed and grow up so quickly. If their quirks were worked out I think they’d make a great wolfing breed! I only wish they would explore a little bit and remember to eat once in a while.

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