To get things started, let’s meet our contestants!


1. Bengal Male – Bosco – Owned by Kappsune – Metaroom 8
2. Bengal Female – Annabelle – Owned by HavenHoney – Metaroom 11
3. Astro Male – Major Tom – Owned by Nutter – Metaroom 2
4. Astro Female – Wanderer – Owned by K@nilb – Metaroom 12
5. Chichi Male – RNG – Owned by KittyTikara – Metaroom 7
6. Chichi Female – Seres – Owned by cptmashek – Metaroom 6
7. Treehugger Male – Fern – Owned by mlohse – Metaroom 4
8. Treehugger Female – Sapling – Owned by Laura – Metaroom 1
9. Hardman Male – Jake – Owned by Frick – Metaroom 4
10. Hardman Female – Selena – Owned by Grendel Man – Metaroom 1
11. Bondi Male – Blinky Bill – Owned by Malkin – Metaroom 7
12. Bondi Female – Sunshine – Owned by clohse – Metaroom 2
13. Harlequin Male – Bobo – Owned by Pippy – Metaroom 8
14. Harlequin Female – Patches – Owned by cake – Metaroom 10
15. Fallow Male – Pan – Owned by LoverIan – Metaroom 9
16. Fallow Female – Liberty – Owned by DarbyDoo – Metaroom 11

roomsThe metaroom numbers after their names shows which room they’ll be starting in. View the chart above to see what rooms correspond with what numbers. For example, Sapling starts in the Norn Meso, Bosco starts in the Grendel Jungle.

By the time everyone is placed and unfrozen, the oldest norns are 7 minutes old. I release everyone from their frozen states and soon they’re off! I turned on autotab to guide my camera.

Already, the norns are deciding what to do with their companions. Fern and Sunshine seened content to relax in the Workshop, Selena and Jake sauntered on the bridge, Blinky Bill, Wanderer and RNG were in the Norn Terrarium eating everything in sight, Bobo was walking further into the Grendel Terrarium and I was turning on the Hand Hider. Sapling, Jake, Major Tome and Patches were all in the Norn Meso and Jake would be the first to learn his vocabulary from the HLM, at 11 minutes old. Pan was in the desert, frightened because of the rain of volcanic rocks and Seres seemed to be fixated on the buttons in the medical bay. Liberty layed outside of the Desert Terrarium and, like Seres, cried.

Rather than bother herself with the other norns, Sapling spent most of her time with the Hoverdoc. Annabell made her way to the other norns in the Norn Terrarium which, by now, was starting to look crowded. Sunshine, meanwhile, was playing with the portals and the norns in the Meso were getting friendly with the HLM.

So far, so good! No deaths and they’re all too young to have babies. Things are already starting to look grim for poor Bobo, who stopped moving in the Grendel Terrarium, Seres, who seemed trapped in the Medical Bay and Liberty, who was stuck by the desert door.

As things settled, it was time to start introducing our primary hazards, the grendels.

To keep things somewhat balanced, I opted to add only two grendels. One would go to the Grendel Terrarium and the other would go to the Lost Cave, a somewhat harder to reach metaroom.

While I waited for the Grendels to hatch, Selena moved on to the next life stage and all of the norns started to convene in the Norn Terrarium and Norn Meso. Now we had two Adolescents, Jake and Selena. By now, everyone was 18 or 19 minutes old.

bandicam 2013-11-27 10-12-37-582 bandicam 2013-11-27 10-12-51-174

Our frozen norns, Seres and Liberty were still stuck but Bobo managed to free himself and moved to the Norn Terrarium.

It wasn’t long til everyone started to catch up with Jake and Selena with their life stages and it wasn’t long til our female Banshee grendel teleported into the Norn Meso. She seemed more preoccupied with the toy and the Male Grendel seemed more upset with the bugs in the Jungle Terrarium.

The first norns to start slapping were Annabelle and Bobo, though. Wanderer felt pain from the slapping and quickly retreated. Meanwhile, the game focused on the Meso again and I caught the female grendel inadvertently feeding the norns instead of slapping them. She was using the empathic vendor.

Selena seemed stuck on the door in the Norngarden and I feared we’d have another stuck norn. Fortunately, they all have the CFE update so I was still hopeful that our stuck norns would snap out of their stupors. Pan was still hiding in a corner from the volcanic eruptions. It’s unfortunate but he started next to the ettin mother and wandered up where he would be frightened. Poor thing.

Annabelle left the Norn Terrarium and seemed to snap Seres out of it. They both started to play with the elevator but progress is progress. Seeing another norn seemed to help Seres start moving again. Wanderer soon joined them in playing with the elevator. Sunshine, Fern and Jake were having a feeding frenzy next to the empathic vendor and Selena made her way back into the Norn Meso. It wasn’t long til Jake decided to start beating up on our female grendel, though.

Soon, our first death notification would pop up. It was Pan. Then another for Seres and another for Liberty. That left us with only 13 norns left and because the 3 all died at 32 minutes old, a score of only 3 for each of them.

It’s going to be a tough run but there’s still lots of hope for our remaining contestants! See you all next time.

Fallow Male Pan: 32 minutes old – 3 pts

Fallow Female Liberty: 32 minutes old – 3 pts

Chichi Female Seres: 32 minutes old – 3 pts

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Poor little C1 girl did NOT have the updated genome. What does that mean? Well, she could live forever by eating anti-oxidants (and never age) AND she could never die of old age. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, I also can’t get Aquazone to work on this computer. I’m sad but at least the little fish aren’t dependent on their parents anymore. They’re all grown up and I’ve frozen the tank til I can play with it again. Hooray for that?


HEY LOOK! Creatures 3/Docking Station! And I’m playing it!

I’ve scattered Grendel Man’s Offline Portals and the Banshee Pack Random Teleporters all over the place and in every metaroom.

Speaking of Metarooms, I’ve added Norngarden 1 and The Lost Cave.

After I finished this teleporter crazy world, I had an epiphany. CCaves hasn’t had a forum wolfling run in a little while and I thought it would be interesting to give this world a run with the forum’s help!

So please, enter the wolfling run!

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