Hello everyone! I’m just making a quick announcement in the interest of keeping promises that I made while I was active here.

For those of you who don’t remember, last year I promised to upload the CCSF 2014 Random Event Forum run’s videos to YouTube for permanent storage. Twitch doesn’t keep videos forever (even Highlights!) so they needed to be put somewhere.

You can find the YouTube playlist for the videos here. All videos aren’t available online yet but part 2 of the final day (day 9) should be online on the 25th of this month. I’m making this announcement early because my husband and I are moving and I won’t be available to make the announcement when the final video is online. Thanks for reading, thanks for watching.


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Once Delia was taken away by the Sparkle Reaper, Fidget roamed back to the garden. Stain remained by the lemons and Mese and Aster spent time in the temple together. By now, Stain was the youngest at just under 5 hours old. We’ve come quite a ways in just over 3 months!

bandicam 2015-04-10 22-40-46-404 copyWhile Stain snoozed, Fidget moved on. Afterwards, he smashed jugs. I can only guess to alleviate stress over his friend moving on. I will miss Fidget’s pink coloring. She was a mother to many, many eggs as well and even continued to have eggs into Old age. She had quite the following when she lived in the desert but she had a peaceful send off in Old Albia, I think.

Aster and Mese both came to join Stain by the lemons. I guess the sunflower seeds didn’t provide them with the fat and protein they needed or they knew about Fidget and wanted to give her a send off. Either way, they were all together now and spent their time eating and complimenting each other.

bandicam 2015-04-10 22-57-17-488 copyMese was next to depart. He had two friends at his side when he passed away and died comfortably, full of lemons and potatoes.

He didn’t quite get into the spirit of smashing jugs at the end and though he became a tomato whisperer in the stream, he didn’t really stand out here. Still, far as I could tell, there wasn’t a norn around that didn’t like him.

bandicam 2015-04-10 23-02-11-906 copyThis left us with just two norns left. They were only 15 minutes apart in age, but I didn’t want Stain to be alone when he died. Instead, I decided to inject him with ATP Decoupler once Aster passed away. She was so well liked and even loved by so many norns, including Stain. I’m sure he’d want to move on with her. Eventually, the time came for Aster and that’s precisely what I did.

Finally, I just had to tackle the daunting task of hatching all of the eggs and running them through IQ tests before uploading them. Wish me luck!

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bandicam 2015-04-10 20-22-52-981 copySoon, Stain couldn’t hang around and argue with Flame. Flame passed away, another natural death. In response to this, Stain proceeded to eat all of the sunflower seeds. Appropriate.

Finally, without the distraction, Stain was moving towards the garden where the other norns were. He met with Aster and Delia who were eating potatoes and lemons. He even started saying “me like norn” again. I guess he just didn’t like Flame.

Now down to just 5 norns, things were a bit easier to keep track of. The eggs, of course, were the exception since there were now 64 in the world. This meant we had nearly 200 total babies. I wasn’t sure and couldn’t count for myself because all of the egg bombs were removed, but that was still a tremendous number. I almost couldn’t wait for the IQ test to thin the numbers a little.

All of the existing norns were now in the Old and Ancient stages of life and I had roughly another hour and a half left in the game while I waited for the group to live out their natural lives. It seemed like everyone was much to old for babies, too. It was a relief not to have to concern myself with eggs anymore.

bandicam 2015-04-10 22-21-35-878 copyThe norns didn’t stray from their groups for a long time. Aster, Delia and Stain all clung to each other near the lemon trellis. Fidget and Mese also stuck close to each other by the scarecrow. Fidget and Delia both had to get slapped on the bottom to get them to move. It seems EES was present even in a place with such abundant food.

bandicam 2015-04-10 22-24-28-705 copySoon, the norns all gathered together by the lemons. Fidget led Mese to the others. After this reunion, Delia’s time came and she passed away. She was a loner until the very end. She hardly seemed interested in other norns at all and it was really only by chance that all of the remaining norns decided to come to her side before she died.

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We were finally down to just 9 norns left in the group. I still had about 2 hours of play time left with them and was dying for ways to make it all more interesting. For now, I moved everyone back into C1 to DS, but this time by the bees. The poor bees. The norns took to eating all their honey right away. As they munched and slurped, I tried to come up with something.

bandicam 2015-04-10 19-27-33-020 copyAster became pregnant while I strugged for ideas. I gave them a Bandicoot box but they weren’t interested. I placed botanoids but, again, the norns were uninterested. Eventually, Spurius passed away. The area was so crowded that I actually had to move norns and agents out of the way before I could see him. He hardly moved in his last hour or so, but he was very comfortable.

Another pregnancy happened around the same time and this time, it was Fidget’s. The ladies aren’t done yet, I suppose! Because of the lack of toys, I decided to give them a beach ball. Hopefully, this would give them more to do than play with the jukebox (which didn’t sound bad at all!), eat and rest! I could just imagine what boredom the creatures were feeling if I was bored. 😛

bandicam 2015-04-10 19-43-30-965 copyAnai was the next taken away by the Sparkle Reaper. In the stream, she only survived for 8 minutes after chasing a ball into the Volcano. It was nice to see her do so well in a different setting. Beside that, she was also mother to many, many eggs this time around. I was happy to see her do so well.

I tried to get the remaining group to use the lifts to leave the area but they didn’t seem interested in leaving. I got to thinking the CAs might not have been placed. Still, with Room Edits no longer working in my world, I wasn’t likely to find out. I moved everyone again to the area between the temple and the grendel tree. There still wasn’t much travel and now, Stain even repeated “Stain dislike norn”. I didn’t have a clue who he meant, but he wasn’t in any hurry to leave the group.

bandicam 2015-04-10 20-06-29-364 copyVerax was the next to go and quietly passed away in his sleep. Flame and Stane might have been arguing and, but Verax didn’t have the time for it.

The others were spread out all over Albia now. Fidget was closest to the house and was eating carrots. By the scarecrow was Mese, the only boy not still at the swamp. Aster snoozed by the lemons and Delia napped next to the Gentian. Every few minutes, I dropped food near the two boys in the swamp in an effort to get them to inch closer to the house, but didn’t have any luck. Flame hardly moved at all and Stain didn’t travel far from Flame.

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