Hey! Remember how I said I was taking a break from Creatures? Well, that’s true, but I was serious when I said I wanted to get articles and updates out about other sim games, like one of my favorites, Aquazone. Don’t expect regular updates about this game, however as I intend to play this game at the “realistic” pace that was intended for it. I’ll be doing some FisherMan wizardry at the very start, but after that, it’s all about doing things the slow, steady way.

By the way, for anyone curious where I learned most of my Aquazone knowledge, check out these sites. They’ve all been invaluable in helping me grasp a lot of the care and genetics behind these fish.

Don’s Attic
AZ Genetics
Effenwright’s Aquazone ArtifactsCaryn’s Aquazone Ocean

bandicam 2015-05-26 15-38-20-918To start off, I have a goal in mind. I’m going to breed discus. I don’t know how many fish I’ll be keeping in this tank to breed my discus in, but I need to set up and cycle my tank before I can do anything else anyway.

The (mostly) empty tank you see on the left is my tank. It has some gravel and the “Bogwood” accessory added to it. I’ll be adding plants in a bit, before I can do that, I need to adjust the volume of the tank. After closing the tank and opening it up with FisherMan, I adjusted the tank’s volume from a lousy 12 liters up to an impressive 200. For those of you less metrically-minded, that’s just a little less than 53 gallons. That’s not as big as you think when you consider that many aquarium hobbyists have a 55 gallon tank at home, myself included.

Once that’s done, I open the tank again and set the simulation time to 100x the regular speed. Supposedly, this helps cycle the tank. Normally, I skip this step, but since I had other things to do and had to kill a few hours anyway, I decided to try this to see if it made a difference. I doubt it will.

bandicam 2015-05-26 19-49-21-091Once that was all taken care of, I added my plants. In general, I like to have a few taller plants to “break line of sight” for aggressive fish and I like to have low plants to give fish someplace to spawn.

The light I had set up automatically shut off but I still wanted to get my fish in the water before I closed this entry. Naturally, I decided to choose some discus. Rather than set any particular goal, I wanted to breed two discus together and see what strain I could develop from them. Let’s meet our fish.

fishiesI took two discus from the original files. The female is black with a blue halo and the male almost looks more like a butterfly fish with his yellow body. I’m excited to see what kinds of babies I can get here! I was tempted to try adding a “white based” fish because I’d spliced some together earlier today, but playing with some of the original fish seemed more fitting to me for some reason. It’ll take a lot of time, especially since I aged them down to their juvenile state, but let’s see what we can make!

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Hi everyone.

I’m just letting you know that, although I’ve started with a new world and have only just started getting into Creatures again, I just don’t enjoy playing Creatures right now. The game brings up some unpleasant memories of some ridiculous drama and I just don’t have it in me to pretend I’m enjoying the game right now. I’d rather cover it when I’m enjoying it, y’know?

For now, I’ll be covering other sim and life games like Species, Aquazone and maybe even Petz to fill in the silence. I can’t promise I’ll be making regular blog posts during this period either. I hope you understand. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I just can’t make good blog posts if I’m not in a good mood, and Creatures just puts me in a bad mood lately.

Thanks so much for reading.


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bandicam 2015-05-21 13-59-16-022Evelyn, feeling hungry, decided to scare me by saying “Food” and then taking a trip down to the DeathCap mushroom. It prompted me to download just a few things.

First, was Tickets for The Hand, which allowed me to quickly travel from one area to the next to set favorite places. Should a norn be hungry and in a place where there is only a dangerous weed, I would be able to quickly swoop to a different place to collect food.

Finally were Muppetboy’s carrots – Hunny Carrots, Muddy Swamp Carrots, Darkling Cave Carrots, Parsnips. Unless I’m mistaken, the four downloads available on Creatures Caves should actually have the “pet norn” or “starch glitch” errors fixed. I don’t have the means to check this yet, so I haven’t installed them in the world.

As I tried to get things in place, I noticed Evelyn took the elevator back down and was reaching for the DeathCap again. I managed to scoop her up in the lift just in time.

bandicam 2015-05-21 14-41-31-821She seemed to get the hint and started grazing on some herbs instead. What a relief!

With her deathcap drama out of the way, it was time for me to check on Trevor. Because the both of them were napping, I left to check on other things and when I returned, the two of them were kissing and tickling in the house. What a relief, and what a nice surprise for me. After their tickling, they bounced a ball back and forth in the garden. It was very cute! Still, Trevor got his fill of social interaction and started marching towards the garden, where he munched on herbs. I guess he wasn’t very big on spending time with other Norns, at least not yet.

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We had a lazy start today. Beside Evelyn nibbling some of the Baobab, anyway. The two ate a few carrots a piece and were pretty healthy. I wanted to introduce a new baby, but I liked the peace and quiet that came with having just two norns. Maybe once they were each a bit older.

bandicam 2015-05-20 11-00-22-445As Trevor made his way towards the hooch vendor, I scooped him up and introduced him to an Albian slide show. Once he tired of that (he rolled up the screen) I lured him up to the bees and there, we spotted Evelyn by the computer. I led her up to the tree house and I used the air tram to lead Trevor to her. This time, the reunion was a very happy one! Both of them smiled as they slapped and kissed each other, like playful kids.

bandicam 2015-05-20 11-10-52-207After a while, Trevor fled the scene to have some me-time but Evelyn didn’t seem like she was ready to leave him alone just yet! I guess I have another pushy lady-norn on my hands! They played chase for a while and I was confident they’d fill the world with eggs once they were old enough. That was still about an hour away, but I was excited all the same.

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