Oh my.

I just… what?

In any case, this guy turned out to be pretty violent. Rather than interfere, however, I decided to let him pace around this pillar. He didn’t move away from it and actually seemed to be glitching on it, unable to move past it on either direction.

It didn’t take long for him to wander away long enough to beat up on poor Andorea, however. Now, the boys were separated from the girls with fig in the middle! I was pretty sure this would badly affect breeding but there were enough paths around him and I wasn’t terribly worried. Besides. Norns in this game can live upwards of 8 hours, right?

Soon, Annabella was killed by fig. As he slept, the other two ladies made it to the other side of him and started to make their way back to the garden. In Annabella’s place, Barendina was born. It was too late for the other ladies, though. As I typed, fig killed the both of them as well. With the death of them, Attilla and Belinda were born.

With the arrival of these three, I added two hardman norn eggs to the eggbank and carried on with my day.

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First things first, I’d like to thank Malkin for helping me fix the cobs and for telling me how they were broken in the first place. 😀

Also, this isn’t intended to be a COB making tutorial but I wanted to make the instructions as clear as possible. I also wanted to add what I learned about C1 CAOS from fixing this COB.


You’ve probably heard about the starch glitch on Jessica’s blog Discover Albia or the ‘pet norn’ bug on the download pages of Muppetboy’s carrot cobs. Turns out they’re the same thing!

The glitch happens when a norn that you don’t have selected eats one of these carrots. There’s really no problem if the norn that you have selected is eating this food but if a norn you don’t have selected tries to eat one of these carrots, the benefit is actually transferred to the creature that you currently have selected instead of the one that actually ate it.

There is a simple way to fix it and I’m here to show you.

First things first, you’ll need a cob editor; BoBCoB is what I’ve chosen to use.

Download BoBCoB at this website.

Next, you’ll need one of the carrot cobs that Muppetboy of Geatville made. For this example, we’re going to use the hunny carrot available at Creatures Caves.

Download the Hunny Carrot Patch at this CC page.

Installing BoBCoB

Extract the files to any folder on your pc then push Setup. You could also try running Setup from the .zip file.

When you first open BoBCoB, it’ll prompt you with a Preferences menu. Simply go to the Defaults tap and set the save and load locations to where you keep your cobs. If you’d like to save your cobs to a different location, you have that option as well.

For now, check Defaults for Creatures 1 and push OK.

Editing the Cob

Before we can edit the file, we need to open it. Go to the File menu and push Open. Find the Hunny Carrot Patch cob and push open.

What we’re concerned about is the middle tab titled “Other Scripts” (red arrow). To fix the starch glitch, select the first script (green arrow) and push edit (blue arrow).

Once you open this script, this window will appear.

I’ve selected the part of the script that needs to be changed. Instead of reading stim writ norn, it should read stim writ from.

How does this work? Well, stim writ means that it’s going to apply these changes to the following object. If the object is norn then it’s going to apply the changes to the currently selected norn instead of the creature that activated the script in the first place, known as from.

Click File then Save and Close.

Final Touches

You can push File then Save to save your changes if you like but, at least on my computer, the injector picture changes. If you’d like to change it to the intended graphic, click on the picture tab.

Click on the Picture tab (red arrow). If you look at the picture, you’ll see that it’s the normal carrot graphic. Next, click on Import.

If you followed Muppetboy’s installation guide, you’ll find huni.spr in the Images folder of your Creatures 1 directory. Select the file, push Open and finally you can save by going to File and clicking Save.

Now you can go forth and fix the other carrot-like cobs! Have fun!

For additional information, be sure to check out this page!

CCave’s C1 Development Resources

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Albuin took his last breaths as I watched videos online. I still have the sounds on so that I can hear the game but a cry wasn’t something I wanted to hear today.

Andorea was with him in the end but I don’t know what could have killed him. He was looking for the ettin home when he passed away so I can only guess that he died of hypothermia.

Annemie was the next norn to get pregnant, this time, I -think- with Ayahiko. He was the only of age male nearby anyway. The eggonicer whisked her egg away and now, there were three eggs in the eggonicer. I’m not sure where the third came from but there you have it.

I spent some time knitting and making lunch and decided to add some authenticity to the C1toDS world by adding a C1 grendel to the game.

I named him fig and placed him below the Grendel mother in the tree. Because the DS Eggonicer snatched up the Grendel egg before I could hatch it, I was forced to hatch little Buraianto here. Welcome, both of you!

I left to put my lunch in the oven and heard fig beating up on one of my norns! I came back to find that Annemie had passed away.

In her place came a new egg, however. Ashiko got pregnant and was spending time with Annemie when she died.

At least there was that. These guys seem to be dropping like flies!

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Good news everyone! My computer, no doubt due to some miracle, ran long enough today for me to back up everything onto an external hard-drive. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

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