I realized that, at least when it came to introducing new blood, Creatures 3 and Docking Station’s norn genes allow for a small window of opportunity. In Creatures 1, I can spread egg hatching out to one egg per hour without running the risk of missing out on breeding each norn with each other norn. Even the elderly females can still breed well. In this game, however, I have creatures that are Old before they’ve reached 4 hours of age – and being Old is quite a hit to their fertility.

All that considered, I’m planning on exporting Priscilla to speed things along once the other norns reach the Ancient stage and start passing away. However, that isn’t happening yet.

bandicam 2015-01-03 23-15-45-040 copyWilliam and Percy both seemed youthful as ever. If I was lucky, they’d both inherited aging genes from a Bondi or something.

Hopefully, Priscilla would get to mate with at least one of them.

Time ticked by while I waited for the inevitable. One of my biggest gripes with Creatures 3 and Docking Station is that there is just so much down time.

Once Priscilla started getting taller, however, I started encouraging her to make friendly with William and Percy. She was still a Youth but once she reached adulthood, she would be a good candidate for motherhood. I kept my fingers crossed.

bandicam 2015-01-03 23-41-30-621 copyOnce she had reached adulthood, she wasn’t able to have an egg. I checked both boys and William’s Testosterone was always depleted. As for Percy, I don’t have a clue what could have been wrong. Both boys’ Gonad organs were surviving as well. As for Priscilla, I don’t know what could have been preventing her from having an egg, especially amidst so much constant kiss-popping. Total mystery to me.

Soon enough, though, everyone had reached the Old stage and it was time to see Priscilla off. Perhaps she’d appear in one of my private wolfling runs. Oh well.

In another 1 to 3 hours, I would be seeing these norns off to Silicon Heaven.

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Jane had another egg and I was finally able to sit down and get to know everyone again. After playing so much Creatures 1, it was hard to believe that these guys were 3 hours old and would probably only live for another 2 to 3 hours.

Jane became pregnant again during my efforts to get Susan pregnant but, alas, I didn’t have the same luck with her. Still, there are 9 eggs in the world, now.

bandicam 2015-01-03 15-37-09-627 copyOur star traveller, William was still playing with the portals and exploring the entire ship but Geoffrey followed suit. Even Percy seemed interested in the portals before long and the boys were all spread out. Then, they managed to gather in the desert where they parted again. Oh well. They can’t seem to make up their minds about their destination.

The two girls spent their time in the meso, though. They seemed most interested in staying put a while and relaxing. Jane in particular didn’t seem to want to budge and got settled in the Meso, near the Comfort Candle and Bread Basket.

bandicam 2015-01-03 15-46-41-901 copyNothing of note happened for a long time, so I decided to hatch a gen 1 female to make up for our earlier loss. This time, I hatched a female Sphinx norn, who I’ve named Priscilla. I hadn’t played with many non-official breeds and was curious to see what mixes would come of her.

Having a new baby on my hands didn’t have me as busy as I’d hoped, though. Gathering all the norns in the Norn Terrarium and allowing them to mingle did have me on edge – would Susan finally get pregnant? No, but Jane did manage to get pregnant again.

bandicam 2015-01-03 15-55-29-389 copyThis meant 10 eggs from our group, which was promising. I was hoping to get the trade world concept spread out and 10 eggs felt like a good start.

Still, the group was getting older, so it seemed like I wouldn’t be getting more eggs after all.bandicam 2015-01-03 16-03-55-863 copyPercy and William looked like they could squeeze in a few more eggs, but the odds weren’t great given Priscilla’s youth. Oh well, I suppose.

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When I left off, everyone was roughly 2 and a half hours old and we had a good 5 eggs in storage. I’d turned on Hands Off! and was doing… something. I don’t quite remember.

A quick check up on each of the creatures would normally have been enough to get me caught up, but I felt I needed more time. To help clear up any confusion, I exported the three grendels and checked on our 5 norns.

bandicam 2015-01-03 14-15-21-575 copyFirst was Jane, who’d become pregnant with Percy’s egg just as her photo was taken.

She’s the pretty Gen 1 Astro girl that Ghost_Norn sent me for our trade. If I remember correctly, she’s also the most popular mother right now.

Between you and me, I hope she brings some much-needed variety into the next generation. 😉

bandicam 2015-01-03 14-38-52-614 copySusan is our other female. She did have a sister but, unfortunately, that sister passed away. Anyway, she’s got the Harlequin arms that I love so much and she’s got Treehugger, Magma and a Harlequin head to match those cute arms.

She hasn’t been popular amongst the boys and she’s actually isolated herself near the Shee Ark’s workshop area.

bandicam 2015-01-03 14-41-59-166 copyThen, we have the first of the three brothers, Percy. He’s taken a shine to Jane, who he impregnated at the beginning of this update.

He and his brothers all have similar genetics, so it’ll be interesting to see how they each get along with the two girls. Like his brothers, he often needs to be reminded to eat.

bandicam 2015-01-03 14-44-42-238 copyThe next brother is William, who I can’t seem to get a good picture of. He’s developed some kind of wanderlust and can’t stay put for very long at a time right now. He’s really enjoying those Offline Portals that Grendel Man made.

He’s already fathered a few eggs but nothing else seems to stand out in my memory.

bandicam 2015-01-03 14-47-03-781 copyLastly, there’s Geoffrey. He’s a lot like his brothers so it’s hard to remember anything that really stands out about him.

I do seem to remember that of the three, he has the hardest time remembering to eat and is the most stubborn when it comes time to.

And with that, Percy and Jane got pregnant again. Never let it be said that Norns are difficult to breed! Except for Susan, anyway. I’ve been trying with limited success to get her to breed. When William appeared through an offline portal, I snatched the opportunity and…! Well, I failed. Maybe next time.

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bandicam 2014-11-28 15-46-02-534 copyIf asked to go on a vacation with Jane, I would wholeheartedly decline. The Jungle isn’t my idea of an ideal vacay spot, but Jane certainly seems to enjoy it. I will admit that the magic beans make this place more interesting but still. Not my thing.

I had other sights to see with the rest of the norns, though. Once they decided that pushing portals was fun, they were all over the ship. Geoffrey and Percy made their way to the desert, Susan went to the jungle, William to the Norn Meso they were still traveling for a while. Henrietta and Paulie both stuck to the Norn Terrarium and napped near the heater.

bandicam 2014-11-29 14-27-21-562 copyBefore long, everyone was out and about doing their own thing. I even tried to get Susan pregnant when she was alone with Percy but, no such luck, I’m not currently expecting any new eggs from this group. Jane was still near the two of them so I encouraged her to use the elevator to visit them. Despite a kisspop, no pregnancy notifications.

After a while, I decided to visit everyone and offer a shower of hand food. I installed a few more heaters and, when I wasn’t looking, Jane and Percy made another egg together. I was feeling very pessimistic that Susan would ever try for one. At least she got along alright with Henrietta.

bandicam 2014-11-29 14-49-57-650 copySpeaking of, Henrietta became pregnant and had an egg when my attention was diverted. Good for you! Everyone, meet Oodle. He’s the newest of our grendels.

I wasn’t planning on a second population in this game, but it was welcome nonetheless. I fed everyone and made a note to pay closer attention next time.

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