bandicam 2015-06-03 12-12-34-134First, an update! I decided to age my discus ahead to their breeding age because it turns out, the way I had it before, we’d be waiting about a year and a half before they reached breeding age. Here they are now, aged ahead and named. Fingers crossed they mate soon!

bandicam 2015-06-03 11-51-40-380I’d never raised Arowana before, in real life or in this game, so I thought it might be fun to try here in the relatively risk-free environment of Aquazone.

Once their tank was set up, I added automatic lighting and I programmed the auto-feeder. As large as they are, I really had no idea how much food these goliaths would need. 1, 2, 4, 8, a total of 12 scoops of Arowana food, and they were still very, very hungry. It did get me thinking about my options, though.

bandicam 2015-06-03 12-13-18-069When it comes to feeding, I have a few options. Beside pellets, flakes and powder, I also have the option to feed them these tiny fish known as Medaka or Japanese Rice Fish. They also have an albino variety, but if I’ll be using these guys as food, I doubt I’ll be playing with different varieties.  To test this, I dropped two of the medaka into the tank and before I had time to blink, both were eaten by the Arowana. Well, hooray! They like live food and it does a better job of filling them up than any of the dried, processed options. I tried out a few other fish, including a green neon tetra and a cardinal tetra, and it seems like Arowana will eat just about anything that’ll fit in their mouths! At last, I have something to do with all the extra fish I get from breeding! I set up my temporary feeder tank and hoped this Arowana pair would mate, and soon.

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