With the 3 month long Random Event Nurture Follow Up Run (This thing’s name just keeps on changing) finally, finally, finally over, I can move on to new and interesting projects. I asked for input at Creatures Caves, and I got some interesting feedback. Perhaps the most appealing idea to me though was revisiting the Matriarch Mermaids concept.

The more I thought about it, the more complicated the world concept got so rather than sit around and speculate while I knitted, I decided to put my thoughts to paper (metaphorically) and finally get this bad boy outlined. It might even change before I finally get the run started.

Besides, the better organized I can get this thing, the easier it will be for me to follow when I finally get around to starting it and running it. Because I lack the patience and time, I won’t be closely investigating the (male) mermaid’s genetics unless something unusual crops up. All the new queens will have their genetics investigated, however.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Let’s get some details down.

Matriarch Society
– At all times, there will only be one female in the world. All of her daughters will be exported and tested before being reintroduced.

– Daughters will have to pass the classic IQ test (no added hazards) and have their genetics looked over. Of the girls that pass, the queen will be the first to breed. In the event of a tie, the girl with the first (leftmost) pregnancy notification will be queen. Once she has become pregnant, all other girls will be exported for a separate run, splicing or testing; deleted; or saved for future upload.

– The male population will not be closely monitored at all and generations might get mixed up. All of the queen’s “surviving” male offspring will be allowed to stay in the world and will only be removed if problems crop up. Problems include sliding and other gait issues, failing to pass the IQ test, fast agers, immortals, etc. Fast agers and immortals should be impossible with the genome I plan to use.

– To prevent breeding outside of the aquatic area, males and females will be kept separate until adult hood.

Amphibious Species
There is an added challenge related to egg laying. Only eggs that are laid on land in the “brooding areas” will be considered viable, “surviving” eggs. In Artemia Seas, the two areas on the sides of the map are considered the brooding areas. Eggs that were laid underwater will be considered “drowned” outside this space will be considered un-incubated due to cold and will be deleted with the Mini-Recycler. Artemia Seas is too large to accommodate this. Instead, I’ve set the egg limit to 30+ the max population to allow for many eggs.

– Mermaids will not be allowed to enter the aquatic area of the world until they have reached breeding age. In the genome I will use, this is when they’ve grown their tail. Once they’ve reached adulthood, they will not be allowed back “on land”.

Colorful Creatures
– I plan to use CFF, Colortrue Pearlmaids. This in mind, I will start the world with a rainbow of colors. Each time a new queen is introduced, a new, Generation 1 male will be added. His color will be chosen based on the world’s dominant colors.

– I will make the appearance, pigment and blending genes highly mutatable as well.

Fierce Competition (?)
– I had an idea to introduce a “predatory” species, namely Artemia Grendels. I would love to see these as colortrue and do a run similar to this with the Grendels but here, in this setting, I think I’d like to keep their role subdued.

– Ideally, the grendels here would take on Grendel Man’s Flesheater Grendel concept and be a survival pressure on the Pearlmaids rather than a natural disaster.

Eventful World
– I enjoyed playing with the Random Event concept so much during last year’s CCSF that I think it could make a fun addition to this world.

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Creature Numbers

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Random Event Numbers

(adapted from Feral’s Run, Random Event Feral Run )

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Toxins List

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Room Numbers

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


How to roll random agents

Roll a number from 1-10 – count agents from currently selected and add it.
Do not add metarooms or agents that crash the game. If it lands on either, just add the very next available agent.

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Hey again! It figures I’d have a great weekly feature idea just before moving again. Yeah, it seems I move a lot, right?

Anyway, probably 2 months from now, once I’ve settled into the new house, I’ll start streaming Creatures weekly but I need ideas about what to stream and what day to choose, nevermind what hours!

Here are some ideas that I’ve cooked up myself (watch this space so I can add member ideas!)

1) A weekly wolfling run. Any number of people can submit (or choose) creatures every week for the stream. The last surviving Creature (or one with most offspring, or most kills, whatever) wins! The victory conditions will be randomly chosen and will remain secret until the stream starts.

2) A ‘drama’ show. Here, I’ll have a number of creatures of various breeds, species, etcetera to live out their lives with narration. I’m not very creative so this might have to be a recorded and edited feature instead of a stream.

3) An afk LNA style stream. Here, I’ll have Amaikokonut’s autotab cos file in effect to monitor creatures. There will be no narration. Just creature drama! Creatures can be submitted at the end of every stream to my e-mail address to be featured the next week or whenever a creature dies. We’d have to do test runs, sort of. Any creature that is not immortal would be allowed.

4) Tying in streams with the Creature-trading world concept that I’m working on with Norn_XXL (Idea: Norn_XXL)

Next is what day of the week! I think Wednesdays would be fun for the alliteration (The Weekly Wednesday Wolfling Run!) but any other day of the week would be fine by me. Time slots can be decided after I move and finally, I could do any of the creatures games and could even alternate between the 3(4?). Leave some input and let me know what you think!

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I wanted to start another wolfling run after my Toxic population failed but as I mulled over what breed I wanted to try, an idea popped into my head.

I wanted to sample all of the breeds I’ve downloaded but, naturally, I tend to stick to my favorite breeds.

The challenge goes like this. I’m going to open up advanced muco and play with one of each norn breed. Instead of spending time with one breed and one creature at a time, I’m going to adopt, for example, an Apple Norn and an Aqua Grendel and get them to breed. (With the help of Creature Crossbreeding, of course.)

Once they’ve bred and produced a baby, I’ll breed that baby with the next creature in Muco’s list, in my case, an Astro norn. The challenge here is to try to reach the last breed available in muco without having the population die out.

That’s the process! The rules are simple. CFE only.

If you’d like to attempt this challenge, you’re more than welcome to and change any rules or conditions that you like.

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