I like it, anyway and I hope you do, too!

Since today seemed like a day for change, I’ve decided to get fresh starts on everything.

In Aquazone, my guppies were starting to die despite regular feeding and clean water. I can only guess it had something to do with their genes. Naturally, I started fresh.

In Creatures 3, I was a little discouraged that I couldn’t read my norns genomes so I’m limiting my norns to CFE Creature Labs breeds. Having half CFE creatures was starting to prove detrimental to the creatures with those genes.

In Creatures 1, I wasn’t happy with the way I’d set up the world or the way I’d neglected to separate the generations.

In Creatures 2… well. I didn’t publish anything from Creatures 2.

Never fear, though! All the creatures I featured are available for download. The guppies, however, aren’t.

In other news, I’ve finally made the CFE Gizmo norns available for download. You can find them at CCaves.com OR here at the C3/DS Downloads page.

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You might recognize me from Duke’s Group, RKC, PKC, PCG, PSC, RDB, Seeing Stars etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway, you probably know me by the breeds that I’ve created and a few of the petz that I’ve featured, adopted out and fostered.

What I’m here to do is show you a breed that I started working on back on Okinawa that I’ve been meaning to finish now that we’re in the states.

Meet the Petz 4 Borderlands Skag.

It’s a long way from finished but I had to show it to somebody to keep me on this project. Turns out I’ve been so distracted by Creatures that I forgot about my Petz obligations. I’ll be posting updates on this game pretty sporadically though it does have its own version of genetics. I’ll be happy to cover it in the future.


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With just two exceptions, Dynasty and Charles, all the norns were resting. The older norns were definitely starting to show their age and they hardly moved anymore.

Soon, I would usher in the next few members of the next generation.

First to come would be the only surviving offspring of Sylvia, Faust. Her sister Katrina died.

Being the daughter of Theo, I was expecting some Bengal stripes but not quite so many! Look at all that orange!

She’s separated from the others while she learns some survival skills and manners. :3

Once I’d run her through the IQ test, she was allowed to join the others. Alone in the Norn Meso, I hoped she would make it to Terra or company would come to her.

We played with the beach ball a little and she had to rest.

I feared for Bianca, Godfrey and Pennywhistle. They had all become Ancient and stopped eating. They only cried when I pleaded with them to eat some seeds.

Oscar was next to become ancient and he stopped moving as well.

I gathered all the ancient norns together around the heater. If they were going to pass away soon, I at least wanted them to be comfortable.


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If you’ve read my bibble on CCaves, you might know that my neighbor has a nest of bees living in his house. They hover around the front door and we think they might be in his air conditioner. Seeing as we have an orange tree and lemon tree in our yards, I’m honestly afraid to go outside, especially out to the front yard where they gather nectar from our orange blossoms.

That said, there’s nothing for me to do today but finish indoor chores and play video games. My computer is still kaput so… Creatures.

When last we left off in our C3/DS world, Penny had just become an oldster and Dynasty a pre-teen.

Since there was still some time left before little Dynasty would have babies of her own, I added some color to the game.

The boys have leaves and the ladies have tiaras. The next thing I knew, though, I had three old norns on my hands!

With age comes character and wisdom, you know.

They slowed their pace quite a bit, naturally. Resting and eating were their only activities but Charles, who was still full of life, managed to impregnate Dynasty. We had our fifth egg and now it looks like Godfrey won’t be fathering every egg for this generation. He almost did, having sired 4 of our 5 eggs so far!

Now that Dynasty was the mother of one of his children, Charles didn’t leave her side. That said, he was the natural choice to be the father of her next and final baby.

Dynasty finally became an adult at just over an hour old. PennyWhistle had become ancient at 4 hours, 41 mintues and I knew her time would run out soon. Was she a Gizmo norn? I don’t know for sure but I’m glad she got to enjoy her life here.

With activity slowing down again, I decided to export the new babies.

Rather than continue with the next generation, I would finish this one out and start a new group of norns.

Slowly, but surely, this group would be closing the last chapters of their lives soon, though Dynasty would be in the rear.

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