Only I screwed up and accidentally deleted some norns.


bandicam 2013-12-19 16-23-21-139Meet Harry and Poppy. If we’re lucky, these two will have some babies. 🙂

It took them a good while (and quite a lot of coaxing) but I taught them their vocabulary (using the Portal: Intelligence Core) and waited for them to pass the IQ test. I eventually guided them towards the end but once they were safe, they were sent to C2toDS.

bandicam 2013-12-19 16-37-32-194They stayed in the incubation area for a long while. Eventually, I moved them to the green area near the water wheel and Harry immediately set off exploring.

harryhidesHe started to make sad noises like he was starving. Naturally, I took him back to Poppy where they were both fed.

bandicam 2013-12-21 21-26-34-166They didn’t seem to want to leave each other’s side though Harry seemed pretty bored. I offered them some toys and taught them to push the bee box for honey and soon…

bandicam 2013-12-21 21-43-14-628… Poppy was pregnant! (That proud father is blinking.)

bandicam 2013-12-21 22-45-05-399Once the little egg was laid, I set it in this fish bowl for safety. Then they had another. And then twins!

Norn XXL would have LOTS of little babies to choose from. 🙂

Because they both kept complaining of starving, I decided to move them to the Norn Meso. Harry especially kept complaining of being hungry for starch but abundant seeds kept him feed.

They had two more eggs together and it looked like there might be another still on the way.

This egg production continued for a while but soon, Harry was over the hill.

bandicam 2013-12-23 15-21-26-64611 children later, it was time to retire and the two lived out their lives in C2toDS. Unfortunately, Harry passed away at 4 hours, 32 minutes old, with food and toys nearby. Poor guy. :C

With Poppy exported, all their babies hatched and also exported, it was time to prepare the next generation.

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acideyeSee those random teleporters? I’ve reclassified them to be seen as “toys” by the creatures here to make them more ‘valuable’ or ‘pleasing’ to creature eyes. So far, it’s worked to get the little weirdos to spread out from the get go. Check out the stream to see this new setup in action.

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bandicam 2013-12-20 12-44-22-985

Ignoring for a moment the Generation 1 Hardman who’s clearly failing the IQ test, take a look at the plant norn mixes in the stream’s migratory run.

I turned off the ovicidal machine and let loose some grendels, ettins and geats and the grendels easily wiped out about 40 plant norns, particularly the ones crowding around the different entry points. It didn’t take long for the world to kill most of the grendels, ettins and geats (as of writing, there are only one of each) and I had an adult population of plant norns. Many of them were crowding around the entry point that I set up for the norns and on checking on the IQ test, I found that many of the norns in there were already of breeding age! By 30 minutes old, most of the plant norns were becoming adults. It wasn’t long til I caught some adults in the IQ test and one of them turned out pregnant.

I think it might be time to add some more creatures to the mix.

Anyway, here’s a pack of two creatures from the stream – one is female, the other is male. These were both identified as fast-agers by the Norn Statistics tool. Enjoy!

bandicam 2013-12-20 13-03-06-683Download

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This isn’t a new segment or anything, but I did want to make some tiny announcements.

My Sparkleseed Vendor has been updated to require a lot of water to grow. That means it does well underwater but will survive in swampy areas.

Second, I’d like to remind everyone that while the Daily Creature Feature is designed to primarily feature the AFK world that I’ve created, I will occasionally broadcast other things like playing the game, testing agents, my husband wandering in and goofing around with the creatures, pretty much any number of things. The stream can also be interrupted by a poor or interrupted internet connection, having to use the computer for other things (this is my gaming machine) or I might play creatures to test agents, do wolfling runs or for normal play.

I hope you like the stream so far and I hope you enjoy or at least don’t mind the occasional interruptions to the program.

In the meantime, please keep those creatures coming! If you’d like to submit creatures, please visit the stream page for information.

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