bandicam 2014-12-05 23-19-34-152 copyIt shouldn’t come as a surprise by now that Boshi, another of mea’s zombie creatures, turned out to have half of her genes missing! I suspect her “if energy reaches zero, die” gene is also missing.

Goodness gracious. Unlike the other girls who prefer hitting and pushing things, though, her quirk is that she spends a lot of time sleeping.

Beside her floating head, she’s awful cute though, right?

bandicam 2014-12-06 14-26-31-825 copyBupyofupyo has the very same issue as Boshi and Bihia but she has about 100 more genes intact.

A peek at her drives shows that had a load of sleepiness like the other girls but reducing the sleepiness with CAOS and then watching her rest showed that resting still produced boredom and sleepiness like in regular norns.

Introducing a toy fixed the problem but this caused her to become obsessed with them. She would be a very playful norn if she learned pushing norns reduced boredom.

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bandicam 2014-12-04 22-44-43-672 copyBoba tea anyone? Well, none for me but her name reminded me of the drink.

Anyway, this is Boba. She is another one of mea’s Zombie creatures. Like Bihia, she is missing roughly half of her genes, including the genes that would normally make her age to the next stages.

In fact, my best guess as to why she’s alive at all is because the gene that would normally cause a norn to die if they have low energy is also absent in her. This might also be true for Bihia.

Unlike Bihia, however, Boba can’t seem to walk properly and walks in a tight circle back and forth. Also unlike Bihia, Boba seems more interested in pacing and looking around than Bihia. I added a dispenser to see if Boba would be as dispenser happy as Bihia but, sadly, she doesn’t seem like she has the same potential to be a good vending machine bot as Bihia.

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Really quick, here’s a quick follow up to Bihia. She loves pushing dispensers.


1byotobyoByotobyo isn’t much of a zombie. She lies still but is still very much alive, she can even die when left alone too long! She’s more like a coma patient and it seems she can die when her organs fail or of starvation.

First things first, Byotobyo, unexpectedly, had a lot of her genes intact. Compared with Bihia’s meager 526 genes, Byotobyo has 804, only 22 fewer than the CFE ChiChi genome we’re comparing to. After considering the genes that she’s missing, she appears to be a normal grendel. Except that she doesn’t move. Or talk.

I did notice something very, very strange in the Poses section of the Gene Compare, though. As it turns out, 40 of her pose genes are dormant! Many of them apply to approaching, walking up and downhill, and even shivering, picking things up and wandering are dormant genes! Normally, changes to Poses and gaits can cripple a creature but here, it seems to have frozen her altogether!

As for not speaking when spoken to… I’m not sure how that worked out. I checked her stimuli and there were no changes to the hearing/speaking genes, unless there was a change in a part of her brain that I didn’t know about.

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Super spooooOOOOOOoooooky!

And I’m about a week late on this whole Halloween thing. HAH! Oh well. I promised mea of Caos of the Creatures Realm that I’d take a look at her zombie creatures. In case you haven’t guessed by now, you should know that I LOVE checking out weird genetics. Let’s get started, and we’ll take it from the top. As in, Alphabetically.



Generation 2 Female Norn

The 4 and a half hour old baby. Besides her strange age, an unusual gait and the fact that she’s eternally sleepy, she looks pretty normal at first glance. A closer look, using Xray shows that she’s eternally sleepy but her tiredness does decrease with rest. She is never hungry but will occasionally eat the Stingers in the Meso. Besides the gait, she might even be a good pet, except that she’s basically incomplete.

Let’s start with the obvious bit, that I showed in the picture above.

File 1 – CFE ChiChi Norn
File 2 – Bihia


These are all genes that are present in the CFE ChiChi but absent in Bihia. All this means, literally, is that she doesn’t have them and because many genes are tied to these organs, she probably lacks those as well or the genes simply aren’t ‘active’. In fact, a closer look at her shows that this is exactly the case.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Receptors, Emitters, Reactions, Initial Concentrations

Rather than show you all of the missing genes, I’m just going to say that most of them are missing. Compared to the CFE ChiChi’s 826 genes, Bihia only has 526. The genes that were left in tact weren’t spectacularly different from the CFE ChiChi’s and weren’t of any consequence.

That said, the Receptors, Emitters, Reactions, Initial Concentrations were the sections that had the biggest chunks missing. Heck, in her appearances, she lacks Body, Arm and Leg genes!

Shockingly, the Instincts, Stimuli and Pose sections are all relatively in-tact.

I apologize about her analysis being relatively short but I honestly wasn’t expecting the source of her zombie-dom to be so… simple. She’s a zombie with dead organs because of her incomplete genome! Why isn’t she dead? Well, I have no idea, but I have other zombies to investigate and I might learn more on the way.

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