You probably don’t remember this, but I posted an update a while ago about my Borderlands Skag hex for Petz. I’ve been sitting on the project since then but today I decided to add the crazy back leg muscles and I started work on the face.

I ended up trying a few different shapes and finally I settled on this.

There is still lots of tweaking for me to do before I start copying the balls over to the other side of the face, but it’s a start. The eyes will change a bit as I work since I can’t decide what I like best.

This is the next step. I’ve taken a picture of this guy in mid run so that I could get a decent profile. You can see now how I want the face to look and I might move the eye forward and up a little along with the changes I’ve drawn. He needs bottom teeth, too.

Finally, this is as far as I got before I finally decided that I needed a break. A knitting break.

More to come!

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You might recognize me from Duke’s Group, RKC, PKC, PCG, PSC, RDB, Seeing Stars etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway, you probably know me by the breeds that I’ve created and a few of the petz that I’ve featured, adopted out and fostered.

What I’m here to do is show you a breed that I started working on back on Okinawa that I’ve been meaning to finish now that we’re in the states.

Meet the Petz 4 Borderlands Skag.

It’s a long way from finished but I had to show it to somebody to keep me on this project. Turns out I’ve been so distracted by Creatures that I forgot about my Petz obligations. I’ll be posting updates on this game pretty sporadically though it does have its own version of genetics. I’ll be happy to cover it in the future.


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