I am so sick of fast agers.

Like. Wow. I’m ready to neuter every fast ager I see chemically. If I never see one again, it’ll be too soon.

That said, I finally said “I’m done with this nonsense,” and set to work to edit every genome I have installed to prevent generation 1 ‘fast agers’ from coming into the stream. That means no more super-fast aging vanilla ettins or grendels and no more fast-aging third party breeds either. I’m just tired of seeing so many wonderful gen1 creatures get neutered. :/

The good news is that, in doing this, I’ve made it easier for us to get some of those cool-looking mixed creatures instead of the stablizing guppy ettin/ombra norn/extra tailed norns and ettins we have in the stream now.

If you submit a creature that makes it to adulthood before it reaches 30 minutes of age, it will be automatically neutered by the Norn of Infertility, be it ettin, norn, grendel or geat. Don’t worry! I will not export it.

As for creatures that are already in the stream, they’re being removed, gradually, with the Norn of Infertility and my own force of will. Wish me luck getting rid of these things!

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I was recently asked what agents I use for the Daily Creature Feature and, rather than add it to the page (the page is already rather long) I decided to make a blog entry and link to the page to here. Soooooooo….

Here are the agents I’m using for the stream now. They can be turned on and off (or removed and added) as needed.
(Updated January 1, 2014)

Creature Counter
Any Autonamer (CLabs Autonamers, Protective Tub, or Wolfling Namer)
Garden Box
Game Stats
Creatures Nametags
Creature Crossbreeding
Peaceful Death
A.S.K. CCSF07: Corpsecleaner (should the .cos edit fail)
Norn of Infertility (modified by me, though)
Magic Words Core, Cloning, Room Edits
Eem Foo’s Timer and Egg Finder Advanced
Vamp’s Calendar (when I need more indepth information on the seasons, etc.)
DS Eggonicer (not with the Egg Finder, though)
C2toDS (without injecting plants. If the frogs get out of hand, I remove the critters and reinject)
Portal – Intelligence Core
Vocab bot
Lavaball 4
Mini Recycler

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acideyeSee those random teleporters? I’ve reclassified them to be seen as “toys” by the creatures here to make them more ‘valuable’ or ‘pleasing’ to creature eyes. So far, it’s worked to get the little weirdos to spread out from the get go. Check out the stream to see this new setup in action.

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bandicam 2013-12-20 12-44-22-985

Ignoring for a moment the Generation 1 Hardman who’s clearly failing the IQ test, take a look at the plant norn mixes in the stream’s migratory run.

I turned off the ovicidal machine and let loose some grendels, ettins and geats and the grendels easily wiped out about 40 plant norns, particularly the ones crowding around the different entry points. It didn’t take long for the world to kill most of the grendels, ettins and geats (as of writing, there are only one of each) and I had an adult population of plant norns. Many of them were crowding around the entry point that I set up for the norns and on checking on the IQ test, I found that many of the norns in there were already of breeding age! By 30 minutes old, most of the plant norns were becoming adults. It wasn’t long til I caught some adults in the IQ test and one of them turned out pregnant.

I think it might be time to add some more creatures to the mix.

Anyway, here’s a pack of two creatures from the stream – one is female, the other is male. These were both identified as fast-agers by the Norn Statistics tool. Enjoy!

bandicam 2013-12-20 13-03-06-683Download

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