Daily Creature Feature

This project is retired.

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Music: The playlist was compiled by SupraDarky on YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/user/SupraDarky)

Tag Guide
Creatures with White Tags were manually added. Their tags are the names of their breeders.
Creatures without tags were born in the stream.
All creatures submitted, including CreatureLink creatures, were used with the original breeder’s permission.
Maxiumum natural population: 30

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If your creature hasn’t appeared in the stream yet, don’t worry! As soon as a slot opens, submitted creatures are added to the stream.

Would you like to send in some creatures for the daily AFK stream? Here are the accepted breeds! Genetic breeds that use these sprites are also accepted as are hybrids and mixes of these breeds, in any combination. Heck, if you’re feeling spry, why not send in some prank creatures, too? The only exceptions are immortal, fast aging and invincible creatures. Remember that there is an IQ test so Sliders, by default, will not make it to the main living area.

Send creatures (or links to download from CCaves or TCR) to kezune_twitch@hotmail.com or contact kezune at CreaturesCaves.com. It must be your own creature.

DCFbuttonIf you’d like to support the stream, you can do so by sharing this button in your signature, on your websites, anywhere you like. 🙂

Before we go any further, though, I’d like to remind you that the stream can be interrupted by a poor or interrupted internet connection, having to use the computer for personal use since this is my gaming computer, or using creatures for more than the stream (agent testing, wolfling runs, normal play, etc). In any case, I hope you enjoy the stream! I try to keep my interruptions minimal but things do happen.

Spoiler Inside: Installed Breeds SelectShow

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