If they’re lucky, Norns don’t have to deal with this terrible and inconvenient disease. Unlike me.

Speaking of Norns, though..

I have 25 bouncing baby norns waiting to come out to a new world. I haven’t made their world yet as I’ve been bedridden these last few days but I hope I can be ready for them soon.

Rather than fool around too much with a new world, I decided to start with a fresh install. A lot of agents weren’t working last round and I think this might be a change for the better. I’ll hopefully wean myself off of using quite so many agents and become a better creature raiser. Honestly, the only agents I intend to use are the following:

  • Norn Statistics
  • Medical Monitor
  • Timer
  • Selective Force Field
  • Grendel/Ettin Egg Switch
  • Population Control Options
  • Roamer (just 1)
  • Bypass Import Cloning*
  • Offline Option*
  • Creature Nametags*
  • Creature History Update*
  • Required Breeds and Genomes

Quite a short list compared to last time. The ones with the asterisks won’t actually affect gameplay. Another note, I’m not using any third-party game fixes either.

Anyway. It was time to set up my ecology again.

This time, I didn’t want to play with third party plants. That means no Square Roots, Dynamic Blooming Flowers, Garden Box or Magic Beans. A few of the agents I downloaded were specifically to keep some of the ecology alive.

After some serious trouble getting the game started, I was off. I set up my timer rig to keep the Gnarlers fed, threw a balloon bug into the norn terrarium to keep the trout and kingfisher fed and cleaned up all the gadgets that weren’t in the medical bay. I also made sure to add some bramboo and tendril seeds to the desert.

Now it was time to check out the plants that came in the breed packs. I passed on popping pappus and awkwood creeper this time. The awkwood always drew creatures into the jungle where they were bound to get sick and I didn’t need all my creatures sneezing on each other thanks to the popping pappus. Ultimately, I didn’t see any plants I really liked and injected some Trapdoor Slinkers instead. Toys always seemed to be in short order after all and with 25 bouncing baby norns to look after, it’ll be hard to keep them entertained on my own.

With the new world established, I closed the game and set it aside til I was really ready to go.

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It doesn’t have any norns or grendels or ettins in it yet, but I felt inspired to start blogging about my endeavors in creatures after reading through Discover Albia. (I’m only up to November, 2011!)

Before I jump in head first, I wanted to give you a tour of my C3/DS world and tell you all about my plans for this place.

First things first, though, I’ve got the population limit set to 102. I doubt it’ll ever get this high with my population control options (4 babies per norn, maximum, no exports) but there’s no harm it allowing for expansion. My computer’s not exactly a slow machine, either, so it’ll run fine.

Second things second, I’m using the CFEm (the m isn’t a typo) genetics for all the ‘cannon’ breeds in the game. You can download them here: Creatures Full of Edits

OK. Here we go.


Norn Meso

Food: Abundant, Automated
Population: Experimental and Genetically Detrimental Creatures
Incubation: Incubation Plate


In the meso area, I’ve scattered a lot of food and food sources and even went ahead and added some decorative jungle grass. I’ve added the popping pappus to help keep things interesting and, anyway, trying to remove them spits an error. Oh well. I’ve also included animals from other areas to help keep the floors generally clean and to help control the popping pappus population (say that 5 times fast). I’ve decided to go ahead and raise only experimental creatures and creatures with bad mutations in this area. This way, they can be kept out of the general population but still be allowed to live happy lives. While I’ll be using Muco here (we’ll get to that in a second) all of the eggs are going to be moved to their respective terrariums by hand.


Above, in the incubator, I’ve installed the Advanced Muco agent by Amaikokonut of Naturing :: Nuturing. It’s very handy when you’ve got as many breeds installed as I do. I haven’t yet decided what breeds I want to play around with, but I’ll get to that when I need to.

Capillata Hub

Food: None
Population: None
Incubation: None


The Capillata hub is where I’m keeping all of my unused agents (vendors to improve the ecology, mostly). Otherwise, the creatures will not be seeing this room. For that matter, they won’t be allowed to leave any of the Terrariums, including the Meso, without my assistance so I won’t be showing you the unedited Comms room, Bridge, Engineering or Learning rooms.


Food: None, Introduced as needed
Population: None, For Rehabilitation and Retraining
Incubation: None


The only change to the workshop is the giant bottle of Calm Balm. This is going to be the rehabilitation/retraining area of the ship. Hopefully, we won’t have to come here very often.

Shee Ark

Norn Terrarium

Food: Abundant
Population: Land-Dwelling Norns
Incubation: Near the Egg Hatcher


Finally, we’re at the first Terrarium on the Shee Ark (I hope my Creatures lore is up to snuff).  I’ve added magic beans (they’re food and toys!), bramboo and those adorable balloon bugs. They keep the stickleback trout in the pond from dying out somehow and they also prevent the trout from eating all of the dragonflies. Very handy! Like the Capillata’s Meso, there are popping pappus everywhere.

Grendel Jungle

Food: Moderate
Population: Grendels
Incubation: Near the Seed Selector


After the additions I’ve made, the jungle is easily the best looking and most active terrarium in my game. You might notice that I’ve also added those pesky Stingers but I know grendels can generally handle little stings like they’re nothing. Unlike the previous two terrariums, there are no popping pappus, but there’s still plenty of food. I’ve gone ahead and added some hedgehogs to help keep the jungle floor generally clean.

Ettin Desert

Food: Moderate
Population: Ettins
Incubation: Near the Ettin Water-source. Replaced with desert nursery.


Here, in the Ettin Desert, I’ve planted some Bramboo, tendrils, and magic beans. Most importantly, I’ve added some thorny devils (see the photobomber at the top) to help liven things up. Also, my world has been running for over 2 hours while I set up and take pictures and I still have gnarlers! Here’s a technique to keep them alive and licking rocks.


Create a timer using the counter agent and the pulse switch or use the timer agent above (can be found at Creatures Caves– go to Downloads, Cobs and search for Timer) and hook it up to the volcano. Don’t have it go off too often as, at least in my experience, the volcano seems to stop working if it’s fired too often.


Food: Scarce, Introduced as needed
Population: Aquatic Creatures
Incubation: Aquatic area between large tanks


Last, but not least, here’s the Aquarium Terrarium. In the larger area to the left, I’ve added a heater, some extra fish from the Biodome pack and I’ll be adding more colored sharks from time to time to keep the colors changing.


On the smaller area to the right, I’ve added more of the same fish and anemone. I wanted to keep from adding to that side but, even with a man-o-war update, they still died off so I went ahead. I need to add food sources to these areas but until then, this is just a decorative area.

Next time, we’ll be meeting our population!

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