bandicam 2014-11-28 14-10-38-311 copySusan was much too far from the other norns to breed. She had an issue with feeling so crowded all the time so I guess it was just as well. Anna was too busy walking in front of the pulse timer in the tree house. I eventually brought her down with an elevator. Once I said “push norn” there was some brief kissing and a single, fruitless kisspop. Oh well. Try try again, I suppose. Before my eyes, though, Anna, and Geoffrey both became adults. I knew the others would soon follow suit.

I hadn’t seen Jane since she gave birth so I popped by and saw that she was still resting where she laid her egg. I gave her some food and encouraged her to play and she was starting to act like herself again. She made her way to the large group in the Norn Terrarium and I said push norn again. This time, Anna was our lucky mother and William the lucky father! I dragged Susan back to the main group and encouraged still more breeding.bandicam 2014-11-28 14-21-40-769 copyUnfortunately, it seemed Anna wasn’t meant to be a mother. She passed away near the Egg Layer in the Norn Terrarium and passed away. When I checked her with the HoverDoc, her drives were all normal but she had a bacteria that ultimately took her life. Luckily, none of the other norns had this bacteria.

With the Treehugger mixes herding this was a comfort, but I had an idea to “vaccinate” the norns by filling them with antibodies. At the very least, it couldn’t hurt. Jane, Susan and Percy were the first to get vaccinated against Antigens 0 through 7. I monitored each of them closely and noticed that the injector didn’t give any of them pain or woundedness like I was lead to believe by the norny “ouch” sound. Well, better get the other two their shots.

As I gave William his shots, however, I got another pregnancy notification! Jane was pregnant again, with Percy’s egg. Geoffrey was the last to get vaccinated.

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Here’s a quickie. My Species entries will be published sometime in December. The first won’t be following this world concept, but I’m enjoying Species so much, keep an eye out for this sort of thing in the future. Adapted from Ferral’s Run for Creatures.

Just as with Ferral’s Run, you start by deciding on a time interval. At each interval (say, 15 minutes) you flip a coin to determine whether something happens. Heads for an event, tails for no, for example. If you’re using a die, you could try even numbers for yes and odds for no.

If you don’t have to roll for an event, simply reset your timer and wait for the next coin toss. If you do, set up a random number generator to roll a number between 1 through 17.

  1. Warm Temperature – If the temperature is already set to 1.0, do not increase, do not reroll for a new event.
  2. Cool Temperature – If the temperature is already set to -1.0, do not decrease, do not reroll for a new event.
  3. Increase Fertility – If the fertility is already set to 1.0, do not increase, do not reroll for a new event.
  4. Decrease Fertility – If the fertility is already set to -1.0, do not decrease, do not reroll for a new event.
  5. Raise Water Level – If the water level is already set to 1.0, do not increase, do not reroll for a new event.
  6. Lower Water Level – If the water level is already set to 0.1, do not decrease, do not reroll for a new event.
  7. Build a Fence – Build a single short fence wherever you like. You may only build one wall of fence. You cannot lengthen or add another fence until you reroll this event.
  8. Remove a Fence – Remove one length of fence. You may only remove one length of fence, to remove more you need to reroll this event.
  9. Build a Climate Control Device – Set the device however you please and place it in a random location.
  10. Remove a Climate Control Device – If you’ve made more than one, remove the oldest device.
  11. Move a random creature to the other side of your map.
  12. Feed a random creature til it is full.
  13. Kill a random creature.
  14. Use Radiation Gun on a random creature.
  15. Ressurect a random dead creature.
  16. Create a Rover – configure it however you like. Once the rover is built, you may not edit it or drive it.
  17. Delete a Rover from the bottom of your rover list (this seems to be the default as of 0.7.0 anyway).

Just as with Ferral’s event run, you can modify the rules however you like, this is just a rough guide to get you started. For example, I don’t flip a coin, instead, I always do an event when the timer runs out.

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So far, things were playing out as they had before. Percy still had trouble eating and insisted on trying to eat my hand and certain doors, even with an apple in hand. Everyone else was pretty quiet. Besides some regular maintenance, there wasn’t much going on as I did my rounds.

bandicam 2014-11-21 22-30-41-742 copyI did have the idea to use a heater in the Norn Terrarium, though! The boys seemed a lot happier since they stopped complaining of being cold. Instead, they started saying they felt quite cozy! How lovely.

Nothing was going on with Percy, unfortunately. For a while, he just held a gadget in his hand and repeated “Get Gadget”. I was starting to wonder how the poor guy passed the IQ test. I moved on to check on the others and there was some friendly kissing. The small dears were too young to breed, after all.

bandicam 2014-11-28 12-57-14-514 copyI installed Grendel Man’s Offline Warp Portals and before long the little ones were starting to explore the rest of the world. Percy and Jane meanwhile were becoming close friends. I wondered if they would become mates when they got older but I hoped their little ones wouldn’t need a heater like Geoffrey and William. All three of the boys share the coldness gene.

Speaking of William, when I was doing my rounds, I caught him wandering the halls of the Shee Ark. He passed some of the doors but seemed most interested in pacing in front of the Ettin Desert door. He eventually took a nap.

Finally, at 47 minutes old, Jane became pregnant with Geoffrey’s baby.bandicam 2014-11-28 13-02-29-430 copyShe laid this tiny egg and it was automatically submerged to prevent it from hatching. Curious, I wondered if I could encourage the other girls to become mothers.

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Oh dear. It seems that when Exodus bugged up and crashed my computer some things got… Corrupted. Sadly, this means that I’ll have to start over the old world I was working on with my trade creatures.

That said, I still have backups of them all as babies, so it’s not exactly the end of the (game) world.

I’ll not be investigating the rest of their genetics because I’m actually a little winded but I wanted to make sure you all had some sort of update anyway. Anyway!

bandicam 2014-11-21 11-11-25-535Here are the little ones! I’d like to get caught up a bit so I’ve instantly taught them their vocabulary using “enum 4 0 0 vocb next”. No, I didn’t even have the patience to look for a vocabulary infusing agent, heh. Anyway, to get them all caught up to each other, I injected Norn Statistics and made a note of their ages.

With Percy at 20 minutes old, he was the oldest. Susan, at 3, was easily the youngest so I decided to take some time to raise her til she was about 5 minutes old, the same age as the next girl in the line. I repeated this process until all of the babies had reached about the same age. The wait for the girls to reach the same age as the boys was a bit longer, but I thought it would be worth it for them all to be about the same age, rather than spread out as they were.

To give myself an extra challenge, I was playing with an agent that may or may not be released as of posting this. I’ll not spoil the surprise but suffice it to say that moving individuals was much less convenient now.

bandicam 2014-11-21 22-12-39-057Once the little nornlings were all in place, I could relax a little and let them live normally.William did give me a little bit of a scare when he started marching towards the lake, but once he’d investigated the nest and satisfied his curiosity, he headed left again to join the others.

He seemed to insist on hanging around the lake but, just like before, the warm shores didn’t seem to heat up this poor, cold little guy. Maybe something could be done to make him more comfortable?

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