Hello! Since Andrea and Jim had their little ones, I retired them to the Biodome and played with the new babies.

babyWith these two growing up and settling into the Norn Terrarium, I opted to investigate their genetics.

desertTrent, besides being non-CFE had no significant differences from the original Treehugger genome.

Hermione, like Treant, had no particularly interesting mutations either, at least not when I skimmed over Gene Compare.

That said, she is a Magma mix and was drawn to the heat of the ettin desert. Trent was more inclined to stay in the Norn Terrarium and eat seeds.

Jim and Andrea spent more time together in the Biodome but it still took some coaxing to get them to start playing nice.


Thankfully, I was having better luck with Trent and Hermione.

Soon they had two babies of their own and they seemed to take strongly after their father.

babiesHere are the babies! Soon one of them would be sent to Norn XXL for the next round but I wanted to spend more time with Hermione, Trent, Jim and Andrea. As I updated the blog, there was a tragedy.

deadHermione, unfortunately, passed away due to bacterial infection. To help him cope with his grief, I sent him to live with his parents in the Biodome.

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As you might know, I’ve gotten a decent computer in my possession again. That said, I’m giving Pearlmaids a much, MUCH bigger space to live in. That said, I had to come up with new ways to encourage females to lay eggs outside of water. Naturally, that called for Coral Emitters. After polluting the world with wildlife, portals, doors, toys and more, it was time to select the creatures for this new world. Oh. Yes. I decided to start with a fresh population of Colortrue norns. :3

bandicam 2013-09-16 21-45-45-039

Now, instead of starting with three like I did the last time, I’ll be starting with 14(!). Yes. Fourteen. I’ll be adding one male and one female of each of the available colors. Let’s meet them!

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-00-02-341Here they are! Thanks to Amaikokonut’s New Shortcuts, it was a breeze to get them all to pose this way. I taught them language with the Vocabulizer and Soon, they were off!

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-00-57-079I could already tell that this would be an interesting world. Cerulean (blue female) was the first out of the Meso and took a brief nap in the hallway. Soon, Vincent (green male) followed her, then Raul(yellow male)! Actually, they all seemed interested in exploring but no one really committed to their new location. Soon, I felt a headache coming on from the sound of them using the Torii.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-20-23-799

After what felt like an hour of door pushing, the babies had become adolescents (only 24 mintues old) and they were starting to change. That said, I needed a break from “Breeen-bree-bree-bree-breeeeeen~”.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-32-328In the desert things were getting out of hand. There wasn’t much I could do but eliminate ALL of the butterflies but I’d rather have an excess of them than none at all.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-36-819 The roses on the beach were in full bloom. Thankfully.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-38-820The right side of the Aquarium was full of life (and food) for once. It was nice to have a reef. But speaking of reefs.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-19-42-539The left side had much of the same wild life! But the reef doesn’t stop here.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-20-02-501And in the Devil’s Reef we find- wait. Are those… Aubergines? 😛

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-30-06-221When I returned, I was still pretty sick of the sound of the Torii being activated so to drive the norns out, I filled the Meso with bees.

It started to seem like mission accomplished though I had a new job on my hands for the future. That’s unrelated, though. Now that all the babies were about a half hour old, I had to keep an eye out for eggs. I’m borrowing Jessica of Discover Albia’s idea and making the first female to mate the alpha for the next generation.

bandicam 2013-09-16 22-48-07-547

Given a White Tiara

Goldie was the first to lay an egg, closely followed by Violette. As I removed the Torii and their respective CA links and replaced them with elevines. (They want to travel to new waters? They can walk.)

More pregnancies followed and it looked like soon I would have my hands full with eggs. Those would have to wait til after this generation passed away so I at least had a lot of time to mull over what to do with them. Yes, they were all laid on land. Instead of removing all of the females but Goldie, however, I decided to leave the eggs and sort them later. Goldie’s daughters and all the boys would continue their legacy in my game and the others would be distributed to anyone who wanted them. Why aren’t I just chucking out extra eggs? Last time, I didn’t have such good luck as far as their genes go.

I haven’t worked out every detail yet, but we’ll see. I’m kind of winging it as I go this time. Well. We’ll figure out some more next time.

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Surely you guys remember Jim and Andrea from… well. A while ago now. Right?

bandicam 2013-09-16 15-39-22-871They haven’t changed much (being frozen in time, after all) but what’s this?

bandicam 2013-09-16 15-39-15-548Could this be a FULL Favorite places bar? Why, it is! And the game isn’t lagging a bit! This can only mean one thing. I got my old PC setup back!

Yup. I’m back in business!

That said, our two Treehuggers now have a much bigger area to explore. It seemed like they were more comfortable living in the Norn Terrarium and soon Andrea was pregnant.bandicam 2013-09-16 16-36-10-092It seemed like soon I would have my first baby to send to Norn_XXL. Soon, a little cow-marked egg appeared. Then another egg appeared and hatched while I made a sandwich.

bandicam 2013-09-16 16-58-05-344Meet our little lovelies! I’ve exported them to send to Norn_XXL. Bye little ones!

Once I packed the little ones away, their mother and father decided it would be a good idea to try cliff diving from the second floor of the Norn Terrarium and followed with slap fighting. Oh my. :C

bandicam 2013-09-16 17-07-23-328I separated them but soon they were slapping each other again. Oh dear. :C Andrea actually came out of the fight with woundedness so I thought it best to separate them for a short while. Maybe next time Jim will be in a more favorable mood. :C

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Hey again! It figures I’d have a great weekly feature idea just before moving again. Yeah, it seems I move a lot, right?

Anyway, probably 2 months from now, once I’ve settled into the new house, I’ll start streaming Creatures weekly but I need ideas about what to stream and what day to choose, nevermind what hours!

Here are some ideas that I’ve cooked up myself (watch this space so I can add member ideas!)

1) A weekly wolfling run. Any number of people can submit (or choose) creatures every week for the stream. The last surviving Creature (or one with most offspring, or most kills, whatever) wins! The victory conditions will be randomly chosen and will remain secret until the stream starts.

2) A ‘drama’ show. Here, I’ll have a number of creatures of various breeds, species, etcetera to live out their lives with narration. I’m not very creative so this might have to be a recorded and edited feature instead of a stream.

3) An afk LNA style stream. Here, I’ll have Amaikokonut’s autotab cos file in effect to monitor creatures. There will be no narration. Just creature drama! Creatures can be submitted at the end of every stream to my e-mail address to be featured the next week or whenever a creature dies. We’d have to do test runs, sort of. Any creature that is not immortal would be allowed.

4) Tying in streams with the Creature-trading world concept that I’m working on with Norn_XXL (Idea: Norn_XXL)

Next is what day of the week! I think Wednesdays would be fun for the alliteration (The Weekly Wednesday Wolfling Run!) but any other day of the week would be fine by me. Time slots can be decided after I move and finally, I could do any of the creatures games and could even alternate between the 3(4?). Leave some input and let me know what you think!

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