So, I ran GeneCompare but apparently it will report different gene numbers for brain lobes so….

I just added the missing tracts and lobes to the “Normal” Plant Norns and hoped it worked.

If you’d like to give these guys a spin, please check out the download available at Creatures Caves! If I missed any steps or glanced over edits to existing lobes and tracts, let me know so that I can address the issue as soon as I can.


bandicam 2014-06-27 22-39-42-585Download Oak and Ivy

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I haven’t been doing much Creatures-wise aside from the stream so I took tonight to get to work on an idea I had for a new egg-mother. I present to you the Norn Mother.

Norn Mother

Similar to the Grendel Mother and Ettin Mother, this agent creates an invisible egg layer that occasionally lays an egg with any genome starting with an “n”.

When an egg is laid, you will hear the machine make a ‘ka-thunk’ noise. It lays eggs at the same rate as the other Egg Mothers.

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bandicam 2013-12-20 12-44-22-985

Ignoring for a moment the Generation 1 Hardman who’s clearly failing the IQ test, take a look at the plant norn mixes in the stream’s migratory run.

I turned off the ovicidal machine and let loose some grendels, ettins and geats and the grendels easily wiped out about 40 plant norns, particularly the ones crowding around the different entry points. It didn’t take long for the world to kill most of the grendels, ettins and geats (as of writing, there are only one of each) and I had an adult population of plant norns. Many of them were crowding around the entry point that I set up for the norns and on checking on the IQ test, I found that many of the norns in there were already of breeding age! By 30 minutes old, most of the plant norns were becoming adults. It wasn’t long til I caught some adults in the IQ test and one of them turned out pregnant.

I think it might be time to add some more creatures to the mix.

Anyway, here’s a pack of two creatures from the stream – one is female, the other is male. These were both identified as fast-agers by the Norn Statistics tool. Enjoy!

bandicam 2013-12-20 13-03-06-683Download

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bandicam 2013-12-14 13-44-17-566Download

More trees! These stumps are standing and are the perfect home for shelf mushrooms. Could also make suitable graveyard and swamp decorations!

I decided against spriting myself right now because I really want to get on making patch plants. Part of the reason I’ve added these decorations is so that I had something to put mea’s lovely shelf mushrooms on.

Wish me luck!

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