Hey! I made something!

candlesComfort Candles

These three beautiful scented candles are sure to make your Norns, Ettins and Grendels all feel right at home at first sniff.

To light the candles, simply click on them once. To put them out, click on them again. The candles can be moved by the hand while they are lit. Creatures cannot move, light or extinguish the candles.

By the way – for ettins to use gadgets near the ettin home scented candle (or any ettin home smell), they need to have a gene that blinds them to gadets near the ettin home disabled. This gene is called “Ettin gadget stash visual inhibitor” and it is a Brain Tract.

Huge, huge “thank you”s go out to Jesseth who made the beautiful sprites!

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I haven’t been doing much Creatures-wise aside from the stream so I took tonight to get to work on an idea I had for a new egg-mother. I present to you the Norn Mother.

Norn Mother

Similar to the Grendel Mother and Ettin Mother, this agent creates an invisible egg layer that occasionally lays an egg with any genome starting with an “n”.

When an egg is laid, you will hear the machine make a ‘ka-thunk’ noise. It lays eggs at the same rate as the other Egg Mothers.

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I was recently asked what agents I use for the Daily Creature Feature and, rather than add it to the page (the page is already rather long) I decided to make a blog entry and link to the page to here. Soooooooo….

Here are the agents I’m using for the stream now. They can be turned on and off (or removed and added) as needed.
(Updated January 1, 2014)

Creature Counter
Any Autonamer (CLabs Autonamers, Protective Tub, or Wolfling Namer)
Garden Box
Game Stats
Creatures Nametags
Creature Crossbreeding
Peaceful Death
A.S.K. CCSF07: Corpsecleaner (should the .cos edit fail)
Norn of Infertility (modified by me, though)
Magic Words Core, Cloning, Room Edits
Eem Foo’s Timer and Egg Finder Advanced
Vamp’s Calendar (when I need more indepth information on the seasons, etc.)
DS Eggonicer (not with the Egg Finder, though)
C2toDS (without injecting plants. If the frogs get out of hand, I remove the critters and reinject)
Portal – Intelligence Core
Vocab bot
Lavaball 4
Mini Recycler

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This isn’t a new segment or anything, but I did want to make some tiny announcements.

My Sparkleseed Vendor has been updated to require a lot of water to grow. That means it does well underwater but will survive in swampy areas.

Second, I’d like to remind everyone that while the Daily Creature Feature is designed to primarily feature the AFK world that I’ve created, I will occasionally broadcast other things like playing the game, testing agents, my husband wandering in and goofing around with the creatures, pretty much any number of things. The stream can also be interrupted by a poor or interrupted internet connection, having to use the computer for other things (this is my gaming machine) or I might play creatures to test agents, do wolfling runs or for normal play.

I hope you like the stream so far and I hope you enjoy or at least don’t mind the occasional interruptions to the program.

In the meantime, please keep those creatures coming! If you’d like to submit creatures, please visit the stream page for information.

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