bandicam 2015-06-03 10-40-38-060Because Aquazone has the option to use an automatic feeder (a real thing and I always wanted one for my own freshwater tank) and an automatic light system, you can pretty much leave the little guys alone and check on them every day, every week or, if you’re feeling bold or lazy, every month!

bandicam 2015-06-03 10-43-42-164 There’s been a tremendous improvement to their health as well. When I created this tank, I didn’t just set their age back to increase the opportunities that they would have to breed, I also set all their stats, including their health, to about 50. You can see that Power has dropped in both of them, but their general health has increased quite a bit. Good news!

This news did get me thinking that I could afford to start a second tank. I don’t know about starting a second discus tank or even a guppy tank, but I do have a fish breed I’ve been wanting to play with for a while. Stay tuned! Updates and new tanks should be coming soon.

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