I started checking these chemicals as I learned more about sleepiness and calm balm. This time, I’d started with a completely fresh creature who’d never tasted calm balm before. This one was also a baby boy bengal norn.

At this point, I was really confused. I understand that sleepiness and sleepiness backup are converted into each other. In the genome, the equation works like this:

1Sleep bkp + 1 Sleepase = 1 Sleepiness + 1 Sleepase
Reaction Rate: nigh instant.

You end up with the same amount of Sleepase at the end of the equation. It really just converts sleepiness backup to Sleepiness.

The next gene reads

1 Sleepiness = 1 Sleep bkp
Reaction Rate: very fast.

All I could figure was that sleepase wasn’t converting sleepiness back up as quickly as the scanner scrolled and that, maybe, sleepase was only produced once sleepiness reached a certain level. My creature wasn’t sleeping, though, so why was his sleepiness going down and instead being converted to sleepiness backup?

I understood that when a creature says that he’s sleepy, he probably means that his sleepiness is high, not his sleepiness backup. But why was his sleepiness decreasing even after his sleepiness backup has plateaued? Searching for answers, I checked his genome against the C3/DS Standard Norn Genome in genecompare and found no differences in regard to his sleepiness, sleepase or sleep backup genes.

This, I hate to admit, I can’t make any sense of. You can click on the image to see an enlarged version of it. Any advice or guidance on these genes would be hugely appreciated. The first, I’m sure, pretty much means that he’s constantly producing sleepiness, which makes sense. The second, I’m not entirely sure about and the third image I really have no idea about. Determined to find out whether Calm Balm was genuinely bad or not, I just had to do one last experiment.

This time, I just wanted to monitor the creature’s natural sleep patterns.

In the end, I was left with a lot more questions, like why does the creature continue to sleep despite the sleepiness and sleepiness backup being drained all the way down to zero? Did I miss some chemicals while I was testing the calm balm? I had ideas, but in the end, I decided that Calm Balm was completely harmless. In any case, it helps creatures sleep and it calms them down when they’re angry.

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