After my endeavors trying to discover why our little bengal norn buddy would only sleep at seemingly random times, I decided to check something that I’d overlooked previously- tiredness.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at the charts from yesterday.

Here is the post calm-balm set. The chart at the top right shows the introduction of calm balm with three sharp peaks. The sleepiness is all converted to sleepiness backup and when the creature rests, it produces sleepase which converts sleepiness into sleepiness back up.

Next, here’s my peek at a normal norn sleep cycle. While it’s less extreme than the example above, with time, sleepiness backup actually does fill up on its own.

But then I wanted to know what caused a creature to fall asleep. If it wasn’t sleepiness or sleepiness back up, what was it?

In the first picture, it looked like tiredness (green) might be what causes him to rest and fall asleep. He didn’t fall asleep despite the sleepase and when he got up to move again, it was all converted back to sleepiness backup.

As sleepiness backup built up in his system, so did his tiredness. He rested here, marked by the increase in sleepase but he didn’t fall asleep.

At one point, though, his tiredness and sleepiness backup and his tiredness got very high and he fell asleep.

He actually continued to sleep long after his tiredness was drained and actually slept til his sleepiness was very low. This looked just like the sleep charts from calm balm use.

Just to make sure I wasn’t completely insane (I’ll admit, I was brutally exhausted when I did the other two parts) I simulated giving him Calm Balm by giving him 3 injections of sleepiness and one of tiredness since, as far as sleep is concerned, that’s all Calm Balm does.

Here, he’d actually fallen asleep. In the first chart, the sleepiness is immediately converted to sleepiness backup.  Once he feels tired, he rests and sleepase takes effect, as in the second chart. If there’s enough sleepiness while he’s resting, he falls asleep and his tiredness and sleepiness both return to normal levels. Really, this isn’t any different from a normal sleep pattern and shouldn’t cause any problems. if anything, this just makes Calm Balm a great sleep aid for creatures who have trouble sleeping!

So go nuts using the stuff! I hope this was helpful and that the entire segment wasn’t a horribly written mess.

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